If your goal is to relocate to Canada, there are two (2) ways to go about it:


Pay a Canada immigration consultant or lawyer to assist you with the Canada immigration process.

If you are considering this option, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind:

  • – You should be ready to spend between $3,000 to $15,000 in legal/consultancy fees. And keep in mind that if your application is not approved, the money you paid to the immigration lawyer/consultant will NOT be refunded to you.
  • – Assuming you have the aforementioned amount of money to spend, you then have to go through the painstaking task of conducting due diligence on a variety of service providers. Especially considering that fact that there have been a lot of cases of reported fraud and ‘disappearing act’ on the part of some immigration agents.
  • – If you find a trustworthy Canada immigration law firm/consultant, they are either too big to offer you a personalized service or they have taken on more clients than they can cater for. Hence, not paying adequate attention to your concerns, which inversely affects the service you will receive for the hard earned money you paid them.
  • – During the Canadian immigration application process, the consultant/lawyer expects you to provide all the necessary information and documents to support your application. So this means that you do most of the work yourself anyway, as the agent is mostly acting as a guide.

Hence we are confident that if you have a complete guide of how the Canadian immigration process works (from the beginning to the end), you can successfully immigrate to Canada on your own.


Handle your Canada immigration application yourself.

We conducted research, interviewed a large pool of potential immigrants, and the feedback we received is that the three (3) main reasons why a lot of people do not consider taking care of their own Canadian immigration application are:

  • – Insufficient information about how the Canada immigration process works.
  • – Overwhelmed by the volume of information available on IRCC’s (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada) website, resulting in discouragement.
  • – Frustration not knowing which information is accurate due to receiving conflicting information from several people (including family, friends, and so-called ‘experts’).

So, this is where CanadaWiz comes in! The FREE resources available here ensures you receive accurate step-by-step guidance throughout your Canada immigration journey.

We are a team of Canadian immigrants and experts who went through the Canadian immigration process ourselves and have also assisted many others for FREE. We take a unique approach by making highly complicated processes easy so that you are comfortable with the Canadian immigration process.


Still Undecided on How You’ll Like to Proceed with Your Canadian Immigration Journey? Here are some additional points you should consider.

Money Savings. By handling your Canadian immigration yourself, you will NOT have to pay a third party to carry out this service for you. The money saved will go a long way in helping you settle in Canada.

  • Faster Processing. There is a lot of data available to support the assertion that if you take care of your Canada immigration application on your own, it could result in a shorter overall time in your Canadian immigration journey, as long as you are knowledgable about the process. This is possible because there is no third party between you and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).
  • For example, say you are using an authorized immigration representative. CIC will usually correspond with them on your behalf and they, in turn, will convey the information to you, which delays the process.

Since there will be no ‘middleman’ between you and IRCC, it tends to speed up your overall Canadian immigration process .

Is CanadaWiz for me?

All the resources on our website is FREE! Who doesn’t like free stuff?
I bet you do!

The resources here are perfect for you if you are someone who is able to follow Step-by-Step instructions.

Furthermore, if you are currently using (or plan on paying) an authorized representative to help with your Canadian immigration, the resources here will also be of help to you, as you will be communicating with your immigration consultant/lawyer from a knowledgeable standpoint, thus you will benefit from the peace of mind knowing whether your agent is acting in your best interest or not.

Learn more about CanadaWiz Unique Approach.

Still not up for the DIY approach? We are happy to help!

While the content on our website is all FREE, we do offer a number of premium products and services.

Contact Us for personalized One-On-One Assistance with your Canada Immigration Process (Express Entry, Provincial Nominee, Study in Canada, Canadian Visas, etc.)

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