There are many great reasons why international students chose to study in Canada, some reasons include:

Pathway to Immigrate to Canada

International students who studied in Canada and have worked full-time after graduation for a minimum of one (1) year, are eligible to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence (PR) through the Express Entry – Canadian Experience Class (CEC); which is a pathway to Canadian Citizenship.

Possibility to Work in Canada during your studies and also after graduation

As an international student in Canada, you are able to work part-time (20 hours a week) during the school year and full-time (40 hours a week) during scheduled school breaks/holidays. This work experience gives you the opportunity to supplement your income, and gain valuable skills and contacts in the community.

Also, International students who have graduated from a Canadian university or college have the opportunity to work in Canada for up to 3 (three) years after they receive their degree or diploma.

Canada is famous for its laws allowing eligible international students to work in Canada while studying and after graduation, and for providing opportunities for qualified graduates to attain permanent residence and make Canada their home.

Canada’s Education System

Canadian universities consistently rank among the best in the world and maintain high standards of academic excellence.

Tuition fees at Canada’s educational institutions are some of the lowest in English-speaking countries. Canada has lower tuition rates for international students when compared to Australia, the United Kingdom (UK), and the United States of America (USA).

Anywhere students chose to study in Canada and at whatever level they chose to study in Canada, international students can be guaranteed of getting a degree, diploma, or certificate that will be recognized all over the world. Canada is one of the leaders in the G8 in terms of its per capita investment in education, leading to high-quality and well-respected faculty, programs, and institutions.

Education in Canada falls under the jurisdiction of the country’s ten (10) provinces and three (3) territories. So, every Canadian province and territory has its own quality assurance mechanisms to ensure high educational standards are met, and there are robust laws, policies, and procedures that govern the operation of all post-secondary institutions.

Canada has an outstanding reputation for transfers between levels/types of education, making studying in Canada flexible and exciting. Hence, students do not run into the bureaucratic barriers that are common in less flexible education systems.

Scholarship Possibility

There are a number of scholarships, awards, and opportunities for financial assistance available for international students (specifically, students of top academic standing).

Most of these financial assistance are available at the graduate level, but there are some secondary school and undergraduate entrance scholarships available, particularly through individual educational institutions.

Financial aid is awarded based on criteria such as:

  • Academic success,
  • Community involvement,
  • Athletic excellence,
  • References from instructors and employers, or
  • Purely financial need.

Welcoming Environment and Multicultural Country

Canada has traditionally been a country of immigrants and continues to welcome an annual average of more than 250,000 immigrants from all over the world.

Canada is characterized by a vibrant, inclusive culture that draws strength from the many immigrant groups that have made Canada their home.

The government of Canada is dedicated to economic growth, which is why they are recruiting more workers and new immigrants.
Canada is known for tolerance and welcoming nature; and almost all of the world’s groups are represented in Canada.

One of the Best Places in the World to Live

Canada is continually rated as one of the best countries in the world to live since 1994 according to the United Nations (UN) and the Economist Intelligence Unit.

In the UN survey, Canada earned particularly high marks for its:

  • Access to education,
  • High life expectancy (due to universal health care system), and
  • Low crime and violence rates.

Canada also ranks among the “top wealthiest and top quality-of-life” countries in the world, according to OECD Better Life Index.

Vital Information about Studying in Canada

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