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What is Canada Express Entry Immigration?

As of January 2015, Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada – IRCC (formerly Citizenship and Immigration Canada – CIC) introduced a new system to manage how people with skilled work experience apply to immigrate to Canada – it is called Express Entry. This replaced the old “first come, first serve” Canada immigration process.

Canada Express Entry Immigration is the most popular immigration system.

Express Entry is used to manage applications for permanent residence under the federal economic immigration programs. IRCC (formerly CIC) choose skilled immigrants as permanent residents based on their ability to settle in Canada and take part in the Canadian economy. This is assessed by each applicants:

  • Education,
  • Work Experience,
  • Language Ability (knowledge of English and/or French),
  • Age, and
  • Other factors.

Provinces and territories can also recruit candidates from the Express Entry system through their Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) to meet local labour market needs.

How Does Canadian Express Entry Work?

The Express Entry process is a simplified, fast, and efficient immigration selection system, that offers Canadian permanent residence to qualified skilled workers and their family members.

In simple terms, Express Entry was broken down into two major steps:

  1. Step one involves candidates uploading an electronic profile to IRCC’s online portal. There is currently no restriction on specific occupations, and profile are ranked against each other using a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).
  2. Step two consists of the government of Canada conducting draws and issuing Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for permanent residence (PR) to the highest ranked candidates. Candidates who receive ITAs have only 60 days to submit a complete application.

Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) aims to process Express Entry applications within 6 months from when an applicant submits a complete application.

Who is Eligible for Express Entry Canada?

IRCC choose skilled workers based on their skills and ability to contribute to the Canadian economy.

For example, the Basic Requirements that has to be met if you want to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry as a Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), you MUST:

• Have a minimum of 1 (one) year work experience in either a professional or managerial job.
• Write the English language proficiency test (IELTS General Training) and meet a minimum score requirement.
• Have your Educational Credentials Assessed (ECA) against Canadian education standards.

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