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Order GCMS NOTES Online from IRCC, Canada

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Option 1 – GCMS Notes:
  • ✔ GCMS electronic case notes from IRCC.
  • ✔ 30 days delivery time.
Option 2 – GCMS Notes + Documents:
  • ✔ GCMS electronic case notes from IRCC.
  • ✔ Documents, forms, and correspondences sent to and/or from IRCC.
  • ✔ 40 days delivery time.

Order GCMS NOTES Online from IRCC

This is an Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Online Request for your GCMS (Global Case Management System) Notes from Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada – IRCC (formerly CIC). GCMS Notes provides you with detailed information on the Canadian visa officer’s notes.

There are several benefits of requesting for your GCMS Notes, a few are:

– Find out Reasons for Refusal:

See the actual reason(s) why your Canada visa and/or immigration application was refused.

– Check your Application Status:

Is your Canada visa and/or immigration application (e.g. Express Entry) taking longer than usual? With your GCMS Notes, you will see what is going on with your file and which Canadian immigration officer/department is working on it.

– Obtain your Application Document Copies:

Did you lose your application documents? Do you want to re-apply/renew your Canada visa and cannot remember what documents you submitted to IRCC? It is important that there is consistency in all your applications to prevent refusal. Through the “GCMS Notes + Documents” request, you’ll get all the documents you used for a previous Canadian visa/immigration application.

… and many more!


EASY AS 1, 2, 3!

Get Your GCMS Notes in 3 Simple Steps:

1. Select your Option and Make Payment: Place an order here for your GCMS Notes using “PayPal” or “Add to Cart” and Checkout with a debit/credit/ATM card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc.)

2. Complete IRCC’s Consent Form: After payment, download/print the consent form (English form available hereor formulaire de consentement (formulaire en français disponible ici). Complete, date, and sign in BLUE ink.
See below “What we require from you” for further instructions.

3. Receive your GCMS Notes: We will email your GCMS notes to you the same day we receive it from IRCC. Usually 30 calendar days (for GCMS Electronic Notes) or 40 calendar days (GCMS Electronic Notes + Documents Request) from the date of request.

Please note that we cannot process your GCMS Notes request until we receive your signed consent form along with the required information. Rest assured that your information is secure with us and will only be used for obtaining your GCMS Notes.


After payment, please send an email to us (Service@CanadaWiz.ca) with a colour scan of your properly completed consent form attached to the email and also include the following information in the body/content of the email:

  • Your Application Number, also known as File Number (Compulsory):
    Your visa/immigration application number can be found on your IRCC document/letter or correspondence received from IRCC. For Express Entry PR applications, your application number is easily located on your IRCC online profile.
    It consists of one letter alphabet and several numbers e.g. V123456789.
  • Your UCI / Client ID (Optional, but please provide if available):
    Although not mandatory, it is recommended that you provide your UCI / Client ID, as this will help IRCC facilitate the processing of your request. You can find your Unique Client Identifier Number (UCI) also referred to as Client Identification Number (Client ID) on any official document issued to you by IRCC.
    Your Client ID consists of either eight or ten numbers. e.g. 1234-5678 or 12-3456-7891
  • Type of record you are requesting: e.g. study visa application, visitor visa application, permanent resident (PR) application, etc.
    For PR application, also indicate whether you have received an Invitation to Apply (ITA) or you are only in the Express Entry pool.

You may also include a copy of your Canada visa/immigration refusal letter in the email you send to us. We will use this to double-check the information you provide us, thereby preventing any errors.

Click here to see a sample Canada visa refusal letter with the “UCI” on the top left, while the “Application no.” is located on the top right of the document.



Refer to the instructions on Page 2 of the Consent Form [or formulaire de consentement]. Also, note the following:

  • Section 1. Designated Representative’s Information: Leave this blank. We will include that information after you send us the completed form.
  • Section 2. Applicant’s Information: Your full name and date of birth as it appears in your application. Your signature (in BLUE ink) and date.
    See: Sample of completed consent form when only applicant.
    If the applicant is a minor (i.e children under 16), they are not required to sign the form, however, the form must be signed by both parents of the minor. Please see below for more information on completing a minor’s consent form.

Additional Information:

As per IRCC requirements, signing in black ink and electronic signatures are NOT acceptable. Only original handwritten signatures signed in BLUE will be accepted.

Therefore a colour scan in good resolution (300 dpi and up) or taking a close well-lit snapshot of the form with your smartphone camera will help ensure your form is accepted by IRCC.

To prevent delays, please ensure your consent form is properly completed and all the information you provide us is complete and correct in all aspects. Please note that we are not responsible for any delays caused due to you providing us incorrect/incomplete information or IRCC delay in processing the request.

If you are requesting information for a minor (that is, children under 16):

If you wish to receive GCMS notes information for a minor. Please note that as per IRCC’s requirement, information about minors (that is, children under 16) can only be released with a consent form signed by both parents.

Therefore, you will need to provide a consent form with both parents name, relationship to the minor, handwritten signatures and signature dates on the consent form.

See: Sample of completed consent form for minors {coming soon}

Please ensure that:

– Section 2 of the consent form indicates the minor’s name and information. The minor is not required to sign the form;
– Section 2.1 of the consent form indicates the minor’s mother’s information, handwritten signature and signature date;
– Section 2.2 of the consent form indicates the minor’s father’s information, handwritten signature and signature date.


In circumstances where a parent has sole custody, please provide:

  • Signed consent form from the parent who has sole custody; and
  • Proof of Custody (that is, Legal custody document): A recent Canadian court document showing custody agreement. If the custody agreement is not a Canadian court document, the document must be notarized in Canada.



✔ Speedy GCMS Notes Order Processing

We aim to submit your GCMS Notes request to IRCC within 24-48 hours from when we receive your duly completed consent form as well as the required information.

We process GCMS Notes request 7 days of the week, including after regular business hours, weekends, and even holidays. Yes, we’re that good!

✔ No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee

CanadaWiz will issue you a 100% (Full) Refund  – No Questions Asked, if you instruct us to do so, as long as we have not submitted your request for information to IRCC. Once the information request has been submitted to IRCC, your payment is deemed non-refundable.

Additionally, CanadaWiz may initiate a refund to you, if your information request cannot be processed.

✔ Spectacular Service

You will be provided with your IRCC GCMS Notes request tracking number immediately we submit your request to IRCC.

Also, if there is a GCMS Notes delay on the part of IRCC, we will automatically raise a follow-up complaint on your behalf.

✔ Value for Money

Our goal is to provide the lowest and most competitive prices possible. You will get unparalleled value for money and truly outstanding customer service.

✔ Secure Payment Options with  Privacy Protection

Our site uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, which securely transmits your information, including credit/debit/ATM card numbers. We use Stripe and PayPal to process payments. Thus, your card information is NOT stored on our site.

We comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

✔ Free GCMS Notes Ultimate Guide

Our free GCMS Notes Ultimate Guide will help you read, understand, and interpret your GCMS notes. You will also find a sample GCMS Notes there.


Check out the FAQs section in our How to Order GCMS Notes from IRCC Guide!


*** Important Note -> IRCC Delay ***

October 2021 Update: In recent times, there has been delay by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in processing GCMS notes request.

As this delay is outside our control and IRCC does not provide anyone with the opportunity to see the real-time status of an application, all we can do is to wait to receive your GCMS notes from IRCC.

On average, 90% of applicants are still receiving GCMS notes delivery within 30-40 days (for GCMS notes only) or 40-50 days (for GCMS notes + documents), while the remaining 10% are being received either earlier than 30 days or up to 90 days. We have no way of knowing why IRCC processes some requests faster than others.

Rest assured that you will receive delivery of your GCMS notes from us on the same day we receive it from IRCC. Thanks for your understanding, patience and anticipated cooperation.




Have a question before placing an order? Already purchased and need some assistance? You can find many helpful answers in our FAQs.

Also, you may CALL US at +1 825 440 7006, we’re available from 9AM-9PM MST (Canada, Edmonton Time), 7 days a week. Or SEND US A MESSAGE by filling out the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

Open Form

Please do NOT use the above form for general inquiry; we will only reply to purchase- or order-related questions.


14 reviews for Order GCMS NOTES Online from IRCC, Canada

  1. Rita Ekiadolor

    Great customer service with speedy processing. I received my GCMS notes exactly on the stipulated date.

  2. iAmPeter

    GCMS Notes received. Thank you.

  3. Kunal

    I came across your site when surfing the web and placed an order online for my GCMS Notes. I was initially expecting that there will be a delay by IRCC due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. To my surprise, my GCMS Notes was delivered to me by CanadaWiz Team 23 days after my order was submitted. Well done, I will recommend your service to anyone I know that wants to order Canada GCMS Notes.

  4. Airry

    Very professional, thorough and with great customer service. Although I haven’t gotten my GCMS notes yet, but the request process was user friendly and seamless. I will be back as soon as I get mine to share that part of my review.

    • CanadaWiz Team

      Thanks for your review. We can see that your GCMS Notes was delivered to you via email on November 13, 2020. Please double-check the email that you used for your GCMS Notes order (also check your SPAM or JUNK folder). Please add a follow-up comment here to let us know, we can certainly resend your GCMS Notes to you via email. Thanks.

  5. Grace O.

    Thanks Canada Wiz for the professional and speedy service!

    • CanadaWiz Team

      Thank you!

  6. Sunil Menon

    Amazing experience and fast response. I would highly recommend their service.

    • CanadaWiz Team

      Thank you, Sunil!

  7. Chigozie

    Canadawiz gave me the best customer services without hassle. i got a well detailed GCMS note.

    • CanadaWiz Team

      Thank you, Chigozie! We are truly touched and humbled by your kind words!

  8. Randrara

    I acknowledge receipt of your email and the GCMS notes with many thanks! I am very happy with your services and will not hesitate to use it again in the future and recommend it to others.

  9. Dorothy

    I wish to sincerely express my satisfaction with your service. I really appreciate your prompt response.
    I have read through the GCMS notes and found the reason for my visa denial. The section 2b of the IMM 5257 which was erroneously ticked NO by my agent. Thank you very much for the beautiful and prompt service delivery. I really appreciate.

  10. Sabri

    I love the way you deal with your customers and I really appreciate it.

    Thank you all of you guys for being very supportive and very accurate in your emails and services.

    I am planning to resubmit again for the second time and i am very interested in your support and assists, therefore its my pleasure to ask your support and advices on my next applying process.

  11. King

    Hello, please I saw a lot of review about this website, is it possible for me to request my document and all forms I used when I allied for study permit outside Canada. I am about applying for permanent residence from inside Canada and I am not sure on one of the information I gave in my previous student visa application. Is it possible

    • CanadaWiz Team

      Hello King,
      Yes, it is possible for you to request and get all your documents and all forms you used when you applied for your previous study permit outside Canada. With the “GCMS Notes + Documents” request, you will see the information you gave in your previous student visa application. Go ahead and place your order here and then send us your completed consent form and the necessary required information; we will take care of the rest.

  12. Jasmeet Kaur

    Really fast service at a discounted price. Highly recommend their services.

  13. Adama

    Received, thank you.

  14. Porsha

    I ordered GCMS notes from their site for my Canada express entry. They responded via email with an estimated date of when I should expect to receive the notes and I received delivery sooner than expected. I am satisfied with their service and recommend them.

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