Canada Visa Requirements, Nigeria | Full List of Documents to Apply, 2023

Canada Visa Requirements for Nigeria | Full List of Documents to Apply in 2023

canada visa requirements nigeria documents visitor tourist trv

Short on time? Here is the summary of the comprehensive list of Canada visa requirements for Nigeria, which also includes the necessary documents to apply in Nigeria:

  • Passport photograph.
  • Nigerian/International passport.
  • Explanation of the purpose of your trip.
  • Letter of invitation.
  • Hotel reservation.
  • Proof of funds.
  • Proof of ties to your home country (Nigeria).

It is important to note that a Canada visitor visa is also known as a Canada Tourist Visa or Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

Below is the detailed list of supporting documents required to apply in Nigeria for a Canada Visitor Visa:


 Two (2) recent passport photographs for each Canada visa applicant, taken within the last 6 months.

 For online applications, only one (1) passport photograph is required as you will scan your photograph and upload it to your online visa application account.

• Photo Specification: The passport photograph to be used for a Canada visa should be a coloured (not black and white) photograph and taken against a plain white or light-coloured background. The frame size of the photograph must be at least 35mm x 45mm.


A Nigerian cannot apply for a Canada visa without a travel document, which in this case is the visa applicant’s passport.

Most Nigerians refer to a travel passport as an ‘international passport’, so we will use that wording here, to prevent any confusion for our Nigerian readers.

• For online application, you are required to upload scanned copies of your Nigerian passport bio-data page and pages of all visas/stamps in the past 10 years.

If you have visas/stamps on any of your previous expired Nigerian passports, then that is required too.

• For a paper application, you will submit your original Nigerian passport along with a set of photocopy of all pages that has visas/stamps in the past 10 years.

If you have visas/stamps on any of your previous expired Nigerian passports, you will want to submit that too.


• Your Nigerian/International passport must have a minimum of 2 blank visa pages and a minimum of 6 months’ validity.

• It is important to note that Canadian visas are usually not issued for longer than the validity of your Nigerian/international passport. So, if your Nigerian passport will be expiring soon and you hope to be issued a visa with a longer duration, you may want to renew your Nigerian passport first before applying for the Canada visitor visa.


 Details of your itinerary indicating length of stay in Canada, the destination in Canada (city/province), and your contacts in Canada.

 You may be required to provide a provisional airline booking, under certain circumstances.

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As part of your Canada visa application, you are expected to provide an invitation letter from the person or business you will visit in Canada.

The letter of invitation for your Canada visitor visa should state your visit dates, the duration of your stay in Canada, the purpose of your visit to Canada, your host’s contact information, and whether you will be staying with your host at his/her residence or not.

If your host in Canada is an individual, information related to their Canadian immigration status should be included in the Invitation Letter. Examples include their:

 Canada permanent resident landing document, such as their Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR),

 Citizenship Certificate or Canadian passport bio-data page,

 Study permit or work permit, or

 Permanent Resident (PR) card.

PRO TIP: We have discovered that those who include a Letter of Invitation with their Canada Tourist Visa application, have a higher visa success rate compared to those who do not.

We have a Sample “Letter of Invitation Template” in our Free eResource Centre and eBook {Coming Soon}, which you can provide to the person inviting you to use as a guide to writing a letter of invitation for you. This is important to ensure that your host is not missing out on any vital information required by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


You may be required to provide hotel booking confirmation, depending on your circumstances. For instance:

• If you will not be staying with your host at his/her residence, proof of alternate accommodation arrangements such as a hotel reservation, Airbnb booking, or similar accommodation arrangement is required as part of your Canada visitor/tourist visa application.

• If you are embarking on a business trip, you are expected to provide a hotel reservation that covers the duration of your trip.

 If your intended trip is to attend a Seminar, Trade Show, Conference, or any similar event. An invitation from the event organizers, event registration, and hotel confirmation are required.

Do you need assistance in arranging accommodation (hotel reservation/Airbnb) in Canada? Contact Us.


The following is required for a business trip to Canada:

 A letter from your current employer indicating the purpose of your travel,

 Your itinerary within Canada and who will cover the cost of your travel,

 A letter from the Canadian business confirming travel duration (visit dates) and the nature of your business.


• If you are self-funded, you must submit evidence of sufficient funds to cover your travel and expenses while in Canada.

Evidence includes a certified (stamped/signed) bank statement with 3 months’ history including 1 month prior to or the same month as your application submission, or a fixed deposit investment letter/advice (in your name or business name).

• If you are (partially or fully) funded by someone else, such as your spouse or parents: The person must provide a letter confirming that he/she will financially support you, along with their 3 months certified (signed/stamped) bank statement.

If you are being provided with a business/corporate bank statement, then a statement for the past 6 months will be required.

We have a Sample “Letter of Financial Support Template” in our eResource Centre and EBook {Coming Soon}. You can provide this sample to the person funding your trip so that they can use it to write a letter of financial support for you. This ensures they are not missing out any vital information required by IRCC.

• If you are funded by your host in Canada: Your host must provide financial documents such as recent bank statements for a savings account, short-term or long-term deposits that show their name, account balance, and the date the account was opened.

If your host is employed as an employee in an organization, he/she is to provide a letter of introduction from their Canadian employer. If your host is self-employed, he/she is to provide proof of business.

Also, your host must state in your invitation letter that he/she is funding your Canada trip.


* If you are being funded by someone else, depending on your age and personal circumstances, it may be a good idea to also provide your own bank statement, in order to increase your chances of visa approval.

As an example, it will be odd that a 45 years old male is not able to fund his trip to Canada. This could be a signal to the Canada visa officer that the visa applicant does not have significant financial ties to their home country (Nigeria) and thus there’s a high chance they’ll not leave Canada after their visit, thereby resulting in a possible Canada visa refusal.

** It is important that the historical account balances of the bank statement you provide are consistent. Recent lump-sum bank deposits could result in a visa refusal, as the visa officer may think the money was borrowed just to apply for the visa.


Canada Visa Full List Documents Apply Nigeria


• Proof of Business, if you are self-employed: Provide

 Business registration (plus tax clearance certificates, if available),
 trade certificates/license (if applicable), and
 financial documents (business bank account statement for the past 6 months).

• Proof of employment:

 A letter from your current employer and payslips (last 3 months). The employment letter must be dated within 2 months of the visa application and it should include your occupation, job description, position, salary, allowances, years of employment, and authorized leave dates.

* Proof of employment letter is expected to be written on your employer’s letterhead and signed by an authorized person in the organization.

 Any other documents that serve as proof of employment, such as employment identity card, etc.

• Proof of current studies, if you are a student: an official document confirming registration as a student at an academic institution.

The Canadian Visa Officer may confirm the authenticity of your proof of business, your employment letter and your proof of current studies. So, it is important that the documents you provide as authentic.

• If you are married, your marriage certificate. If applicable, provide birth certificates for each family member whether or not they are requesting a visa.

If you are not travelling to Canada with your spouse or children, this helps establish the fact that you will return back to Nigeria after your visa to Canada.

• Children must each have their own passports. They must also have a school leave letter, if applicable.

• Other additional documents that will help establish home ties, such as:

 landed property documents,
 a certified (signed/stamped) statement from your stockbroker showing the current market value of your shares,
 proof of financial assets,
 statement from your pension managers showing the current value of your Retirement Savings Account (RSA),
 and any other similar documents.


 Want to apply for a Canadian Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa – TRV) on your own without using an agent? Check out our step-by-step guide -> Canada Visitor Visa: 4 Simple Steps on How to Apply in Nigeria

• Not up for the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach? Contact Us for personalized one-on-one assistance.




• Did you include any extra document to your Canada visa application, which we did not state here? Leave a comment below to get the discussion going.

• Is there any document stated above that you need clarification on? Ask us by commenting below.



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73 thoughts on “Canada Visa Requirements for Nigeria | Full List of Documents to Apply in 2023”

    1. Young Etu,
      Yes, a scanned copy of the document is sufficient to show proof of landed property document for online applications for a Canada Visa. For paper applications, a photocopy of the landed property document is fine.
      For landed properties in Nigeria, examples of scanned copies of documents you could include are a letter of allocation, receipt of payment for the purchase, deed of assignment, Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), the property plan. etc.

      1. Akporoghene erhite

        Please i really want to relocate to Canada permanently but i don’t know how to go about it; (traveling requirements, the procedures, and the right medium). Please help me.

      2. Hi,

        My husband and I are inviting his mom to visit as we just had our baby. I am on maternity leave do I also need to send a letter of employment?
        Also, do we need to notarize the invitation letter and the copy of his PR card or my citizenship card?

        1. Please I am applying for a tourist visa to enable me partake in Dental Therapist pilot program,how much do I need to provide as my proof of fund?

    1. Kingsley,
      Do you mean what proof is required for a Nigerian citizen who wants to study in Canada? Is yes, the additional requirements for students are:
      – Your Letter of Acceptance (LOA) also referred to as a letter of offer of admission from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada.
      – Proof of sufficient funds to cover at least one year of your tuition fees plus an additional $10,000 CAD.
      You may post a follow-up comment below to clarify your question or if you require further clarification.

      1. For someone that got admission letter, passport, sponsorship bank statement, health update, police report,is this all that is needed to apply for a study visa in Canada 🇨🇦

  1. i have a niece who has admission and all required documentation from the school including an exemption letter. She has secured the visa but the airline is refusing to carry her insisting that she requires another exemption letter. what is this exemption letter and how does she get it?

    1. I wish to ask if thrift savings account details are accepted,
      my other sources of income is transportation, route Lagos-Ibadan and within Lagos axis.

      1. Cletus Enearu,
        I don’t see why a savings account will not be accepted. As long as your sources of income flow through your bank account historically, you should be fine.

        1. Hey, I have a small business and I have a business account and just got accepted for PGD. I also have a job offer on grounds that I finish my post graduate prog first. Can I use both my business reg and the new job offer as a home country tie?

        2. I don’t have any travel history ,and it just the first time I will be traveling to Canada to visit my boyfriend who is a Canadian ….so what documents will I need for this trip ?as a first time flyer

          1. CanadaWiz Team

            Are you asking about documents to apply for a TRV to visit your boyfriend in Canada? Or do you already have a valid TRV and want to know what documents you need to take along with you on your trip to Canada?
            Kindly clarify, so that we can provide you with the appropriate answer.

      2. How will my wife and daughter (19+ yrs) go about it if they are going for both leave and holiday vacations in Canada as a tourists just for a month? Will fill the same form or separate forms? And do they still need invitation letter from Canada? Thanks.

        1. CanadaWiz Team

          Your wife and daughter will need to each fill their own forms; but both applications can be submitted together. For example, if they will be submitting an online application, both applications can be submitted via one MyCIC account (e.g. use your wife’s MyCIC account to submit both applications).
          Although they do not need an invitation letter from Canada, having an invitation letter will typically increase the chances of their Canada visa approval.

  2. Hello what is the address of canadian embassy address for nigerian to surmit application.. someone should help me out with it….

    1. Kas,
      Applications are submitted at VFS and not at the Canadian embassy. Go to this link here, when you scroll down (towards the end), you will find the complete address for both VFS and the Canadian Embassy.

  3. Hello I want to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria,all im seeing here is visitor visa,can I apply for permanent resident visa ?so I can live in Canada for years.

    1. Olanrewaju,
      The process outlined here is for Canada visitor’s visa from Nigeria. If you want to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria as a Permanent Resident (PR), you can find more details here.

  4. What are the requirements/procedures of applying to Canada student visa (masters) please I need full details regarding this. Thanks

    1. Bakare Korede,
      We do not have an article on our site yet with the full details on the requirements/procedures of applying for a Canada student visa. You can find details on how to apply for a Canada study permit on IRCC’s website.

  5. I am Nigerian but legally resident in Ireland. I want to apply for a visiting visa, what proofs can i show as i have no assets yet in Ireland ?

    1. Kak Antoni,
      If you have any assets in Nigeria, you can use that as proof of ties to your country of citizenship (Nigeria). Also, if you have a job or a family in Ireland, you can use that as proof of ties to your current country of residence.

  6. Emovon osariemen Anthony

    Your guidance is well understood, however I have concerns concerning financials. What if as an employee your account is being debited of a particular sum as a result of a loan facility offered you by your bank or co-operative and the deductions is reflected in your statement of account and pay slip leaving you with a paltry sum as take home. What chances does one stand against refusal in this circumstance?
    2. In the context of the above can my RSA statement serve as a boost to my success rate?

    1. Emovon osariemen Anthony,
      If you have “a paltry sum as take home”, this does not seem like you have the financial sufficiency to cover your travel to Canada, and could certainly result in a visa refusal.
      RSA means Retirement Savings Account, correct? If that is the case, it does not make sense that you will spend your “retirement savings” (i.e. money that you are saving for your retirement) to travel to Canada for pleasure. If you are using the RSA statement as proof of ties to your home country, that will work but not as proof of funds for your travel.

    1. Ray Shawzgh,
      If your intention is just to visit your Canadian spouse, then you should look at applying for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). However, if your plan is to relocate to Canada to live permanently with your Canadian spouse, then your Canadian spouse should initiate a family sponsorship immigration application for you.

  7. Your resource has been most helpful. I however need some clarifications if you would not mind. I have a social partner that we are having a baby together and the pregnancy was through IVF process. We would like to have the child in Canada for the obvious reasons of a better care during delivery. One thing I would like to highlight is that she has her USA visa cancelled in 2017 at the port of entry in Atlanta for not disclosing her final destination as against her luggage tag. Her visa was barred for 5 years….with this background information can we still apply for Canadian TRV.
    Thank you

    1. My spouse has already applied for spousal sponsorship application for me and my application is already 17 months, can i apply for TRV ? Am really missing my spouse.

  8. I want to relocate to canada with my family of 5. Two todlers, me my wife and house maid. I’d like to study maritime transport and business studies and work with my web design skill both on part time. my wife also a govt teacher here and wish to do a teaching assistant job while on masters there . whats the possibility of getting admission in manitoba university from here and as i do not have money to fund my trip how can u help me achieve this. Covid 19 is on, and the quarantine process is highly demanding mostly the 3k dollers for the3 days qurantine before the main 14 days; all of this is on the migrant. If a company can hire me, i think it will lessen or reduce my cost of travelling to canada. If you see my case to be justified kindly send me details and procedures at contact me on +234 07064672048 thanks

  9. Can my application be granted without letter of invitation? I don’t have any family or friend in Canada who can invite me. Mark you, I have visited France, Netherlands, UK, UAE, Malaysia and USA as visitors without any invitation and I have never overstayed. I’m over 50 years and I own many choice real estate.

    1. CanadaWiz Team

      Ekechukwu Chinedu,
      We currently do not have a post on our site for student visa requirement for Canada, but you can find out more from IRCC’s website here.

  10. 1. Please what documents do my sponsor needs to show.
    2. Secondly do I need my transcript along if I already have my degree result from school with me.
    3. Do my sponsor need to show his travel lhistory and how much should he have in his account. His my father.
    4. Having just 8.000 dollars in student account OK.?
    Thanks for answering.

  11. Hello Team,
    Iam invited for Biometrics capture at the canadian embassy and i was asked to come with a ‘Arrive Canada Reference Number’ among the check list. please i need more light about this number and how to obtain it.
    Auwal G

  12. As a Nigerian I’m applying for a travel visa and I have a dollar account Do I need to show my domiciliary (dollar) account to prove as part of my banks statements ?

    1. CanadaWiz Team

      Ray Shawzgh,
      You do not need to show your domiciliary (dollar) account to prove as part of my bank statements. However, if the money in that account will help boost your financial circumstances, you will want to include it as part of your bank account statements.

      1. Dear canadawiz
        Your information and way of answering people question have been so amazing.
        I am a businessman and I have traveled to many countries London turkey china Germany
        Also have 2uear US visa twice without using it most of this visa are vacation except china and turkey who are for business.
        But I am really interested in relocating to Canada and start my business over there with a registered company because my kind of business is very heavy in practicing.
        I am into sale and service of fireworks pyrotechnics professional.
        I know a lot of company are there in Canada to work with before I could obtain a safety training certificate to open my own company and handle fireworks in Canada.
        Now how do I go about these because I want to relocate with my family they have traveling experience with me as well almost the same visa with me.
        I have my certificate of safety awareness course in London in which am using to support my work here in Nogeria.
        Please I need your help on this.

    1. CanadaWiz Team

      If you let us know your country of residence and country of citizenship, we can point you in the right direction.

  13. I already have a Canada work permit visa since March 2021, I have been waiting for my clearance to be approved and the date of booking ticket, since then my clearance haven’t been approved I don’t know want is going on.

    1. CanadaWiz Team

      Wayne Nelson,
      Due to the impacts of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the Government of Canada (IRCC) is prioritizing applications from:
      1) Canadians trying to return to Canada,
      2) Vulnerable people, and
      3) People who perform or support essential services.
      Thus, you just need to be patient.

    1. CanadaWiz Team

      If you are issued a Canada resident permit i.e. a Permanent Resident (PR) visa, you do not need a visa to Canada.

  14. I have a Temporary Resident Visa which expires in May, 2022. What do I need to renew the visa? I am currently in Nigeria.

  15. Anosike Raphael Chika

    My name is Anosike Raphael Chika, from Nigeria.
    I want to relocate to Canada with my family of 6. Four toddlers, me my wife. I’d like to study Cyber crime cos i work as a Public servant in one of the Federal Government of Nigeria security agencies. My wife also a professional Fashion Designer here in Nigeria and also self employed and wish to be engaged in one of the security outfit there in Canada, as i do not have money to fund my trip. How can u help me achieve this. Covid 19 is on, and the quarantine process is highly demanding mostly the 3k dollars for the3 days quarantine before the main 14 days; all of this is on the migrant. If a company can hire me, i think it will lessen or reduce my cost of travelling to Canada. If you see my case to be justified kindly send me details and procedures at {Email and Phone number removed for your protection}

  16. I have a travel history on my passport within the last ten years for Namibia, South Africa, Cameroun and Equitorial Guinea. Is this sufficient for travel history fufillment being that they are all African countries?

  17. If my US visa was revoked and was told to re apply,is it the same a being denied visa? I need to know what to answer if asked if I have ever been denied visa by another country.

  18. Hello,

    Thanks for such an insightful article. I’d like to apply for TRV so my wife can give birth in Canada but we don’t have any relative in Canada that can send us an invite. Can we request an invite from an hospital? Or what can you suggest we do?

  19. Hello,
    Do i need to write explanation of the purpose of your trip letter along side the invitation letter my host sent. Also do i need to notarize my docs for online application. My host is paying for flight and taking care of accommodation and feeding, roughly how much should i have in my bank statement. Thank you

  20. My two sisters from Nigeria are attending a 3 days exhibition in Canada in September.My questions are:
    1. Will they be denied a visitor visas if they applied with my US bank account(Been the sponsor)
    2. Is there enough time for them to get the visas before the September event if they apply next month(May).
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon

  21. i was deny entry to london last year cause of lockdown and covid issue and my visa was stamped cancel, can i still use the same pasport to apply to canada or renew it before applying for canada visa

  22. I will love to say thank you for this wonderful post. it contains lots of information that has helped me a lot.

  23. oluwasegun odetayo

    This information is helpful a lot.
    I would like to have you contact be it email and mobile number preferably whatsapp number to communicate with you further.

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