HND "Top-Up" Degree in Canada Universities |

HND “Top-Up” Degree in Canada Universities


HND top up degree in Canada universities, allows Higher National Diploma (HND) graduates to ‘top-up’ their education and obtain a bachelors degree from a Canadian university or college.

In Canada, HND certificate holders with related Higher National Diploma (HND) can expect to complete the necessary courses within two to three academic years and be granted a bachelor degree upon achieving satisfactory grades.

For example, if you have an HND in Civil Engineering from outside Canada, most Canadian universities will give you admission into the 2nd or 3rd year bachelors programs in an engineering program. The decision as to whether you’ll start in the second or third year depends on the number of transfer credits that is accepted from your previous HND degree.

As you may have noticed, the numbers of years it takes to “top up” degree in Canada is significantly longer when compared to the United Kingdom (UK).

In the UK, a HND graduate can “top up” their degree and gain a bachelors degree from a University in one (1) academic year. This makes Canada not to be a popular destination for international students who want convert their HND to BSc in Canada.



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Can an HND Holder Apply for a Master Degree in Canada?

An HND holder can certainly apply for a masters degree in Canada. However, it is not likely that the student will be offered an admission directly into a masters program in Canada, if the student has only an HND certificate.

Canada is a popular destination for international students looking to pursue a masters program. Due to the high demand, most Canadian universities reserve spots in their masters program for students with a least a second class upper (2:1) or better, bachelors degree and not HND.

On the other hand, if the student has an HND and also a Post-HND degree, it increases the chances that the student will be offered admission into a masters program in Canada.

Universities in Canada that Accept HND for Masters

Canadian universities do not generally accept HND nor Third Class undergraduates, directly into their Master’s program. A student with a HND certificate will have to first consider furthering their studies in Canada through any of the below options:

  • Post-Graduate Diploma (PGD), or
  • Post-degree certificate/diploma, or
  • Advanced certificate.

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Schools that Accept HND for Masters in Canada

At the moment, we are not aware of any school that accept HND certificate directly for masters in Canada.

If you have an HND and you intend to pursue a masters program in Canada, below is the approach we recommend:

1. Apply for a Post-Graduate Diploma (PGD) course at a Canadian college. The course should be related to your previous HND course of study, which should also be related to the masters program you intend to study later in Canada.

2. Commence the PGD course in Canada and make sure you have good grades (usually a minimum of B average).

3. Once you are close to completing your PGD studies in Canada, apply for a related masters program in Canada.
At this point, there is a high chance you’ll be accepted into a masters program in Canada, as most Canadian universities and colleges give preference to HND certificate holders that have a PGD degree from within Canada.

Using Carleton University as an example, below is the minimum admission requirements for their master’s program:
  • Four-year honours bachelor‘s degree or equivalent.
  • Students who have only a National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) are not eligible for admission into Carleton’s masters program. Students who present a Post-Higher National Diploma (Post-HND) may be eligible for admission to a master’s program.
  • Minimum requirement overall: 60-69% or 2nd Class (upper division).

Carleton University’s Qualifying-Year Programs

Students who do not have a 4-year honours degree may be eligible for admittance into a qualifying-year program at Carleton University.

Qualifying-year programs are specific to a few numbers of specific master’s programs. Even after completing a qualifying-year program, the student will need to submit an application to the master’s program and admission into the master’s program is not guaranteed.

If you are a student interested in completing a qualifying-year program at Carleton University, you’ll have to get in touch with the academic department offering the master’s program that you are interested in applying to, to find out if a qualifying-year program is offered. If available, you’ll be provided with further application instructions.


This eBook is a Comprehensive and Simple Do-It-Your (DIY) Resource for anyone who has an HND degree from outside Canada and is looking to immigrate to Canada through studying in Canada.

Canada Schools Accepting HND Degree for International Students

There is a long list of Canada schools accepting HND degree for international students for any of the following two routes:

  • Conversion of HND to BSc in Canada, or
  • for a Post-Higher National Diploma (Post-HND) e.g. Postgraduate diploma (PGD)

As an international student looking to use your HND certificate to study in Canada, there are two fundamental considerations you should look into when deciding on picking a school:

1. Apply to a school that has a high acceptance rate for international students: This is important so that you do not waste your time and money in applying to schools that would not offer you admission.

Keep in mind that Canada schools require upfront payment of a non-refundable application fee, which ranges from $90 CAD to $300 CAD (depending on the school). This payment will not be refunded back to you if you are not offered a spot in the program you apply to.

2. Apply to a school participating in the Post Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP): As an international student looking to study in Canada, we bet that you also want the opportunity to remain in Canada after your studies.
If this is the case, you want to make sure that you apply to only Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) that participate in the PGWPP.

This is very important so that you have the opportunity to remain in Canada after your studies with an open work permit and you subsequently apply to become a Canadian permanent resident (PR) through the Canadian Express Class (CEC) Express Entry Immigration pathway.

“THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO STUDY IN CANADA WITH HND“ eBook, has exclusive information with our top recommendations of schools that meet the two above requirements. See details below.

The Ultimate Guide to Study in Canada with HND (Higher National Diploma), eBook [2021 Updated]


  • ✔ How to secure admission into Canadian educational institutions (Colleges/Universities/Institutes) as an HND graduate.
  • ✔ Simple Do-It-Yourself (DIY) steps for conversion of HND to BSc degree and HND to PGD in Canada.
  • ✔ Comprehensive list of colleges to apply for PGD in Canada, with high acceptance rate and work permit.
  • ✔ Detailed list of school/course options for PGD in Canada, based on your HND program of study.
  • ✔ How to increase your chances of being offered admission at Canadian schools, even with HND lower credit or pass.
  • ✔ Scholarship at Canadian schools for HND applicants.
  • ✔ How to make extra income by working in Canada as an international student.
  • ✔ How to increase your chances of approval for Canada study visa/permit.
  • ✔ How to legally remain in Canada after your studies and become a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) and citizen.

Comprehensive information on the above topics and many more are contained in “THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO STUDY IN CANADA WITH HND” eBook

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about HND Top-Up Degree in Canada Universities

What is HND equivalent in Canada?

In Canada, an HND is equivalent to a three-year undergraduate advanced diploma.

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Is HND accepted in Canada?

HND is accepted in Canada but with limited options. At this time, Canadian universities do not accept HND nor Third Class undergraduates, directly into their Master’s program.

So, you will have to consider first going for a post-graduate diploma (PGD) or post-degree certificate/diploma or an advanced certificate in Canada.



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  • Are you an HND holder and have gotten success in gaining admission at a Canadian school for either a qualifying year program or a master’s program? Please share by commenting below.

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      1. Hello sir
        An from Nigeria and I have an HND degree but an having interest to apply for master please sir what is the next step to follow.

    1. Dagogo Richard Strongface

      Good day Syed.
      My name is Richard Strongface, I hold a HND mechanical certificate from a reputable institution in Nigeria and an international certification in oil and gas exploration & production in India, I have keen interest in enrolling for studies in Canada. Can I top up in mechanical and oil and gas related course combined as my area of interest. Kindly revert to me {Phone number removed for your protection}
      D.R. Strongface

  2. Sir
    From Sri-Lanka,
    I have Completed Diploma (1 Year) and Higher National Diploma in Information System (1 Year) and currently working as Inten-Software Support Engineer.
    I want to top up my degree program in Business in information system at Canadian university.
    Therefor, let me know the process which i want to apply for that.

  3. From Abuja, Nigeria. I have completed a 2 year higher national dipoma in mass communication, with a cgpa of 4.58. I wish to apply for post graduate diploma in canada, what are the things i am expected to do?

    1. Godwin Ameighogho,
      What specific details concerning schooling in Canada do you need more details on? And what kind of tools do you require?

      1. Hello sir.
        Am a graduate of HND (3.40 upper Credit) and PGD(62% Credit) in Statistics, I wish to apply for Master in Statistics

        1. I’m Olonisakin Joshua. I have a hnd degree in mechanical engineering with a distinction. I wish to convert my hnd it Bachelor’s degree. How many years will it take and which school In Canada is best for that




      1. Anekwe Cletus,
        For how to top up your HND in Farm Power and Machine Engineering or if you want to go for PGD in Canada, there are two ways you can handle this.
        Option 1 – Do-It-Yourself: Get “The Ultimate Guide to Study in Canada with HND, eBook” as it contains all the information you require from start to finish.
        Option 2 – Let us Do-It-For-You: If you prefer someone to hold your hands throughout the process, you can contact us for assistance.

        1. Good Day Team,

          I hold an HND in petroleum/chemical engineering, can I get list of schools in CA that I can get my HND converted to PGD then subsequently Masters

          Best Regards

  5. I am ADEOYE SUNDAY, from Nigeria, I have HND in Banking & FInance, I wish to apply for PGD in Canada, how do I go about it, what are the requirement and school that accept my request without any problem along the line.

    1. Adeoye Sunday,
      You will get answers to your questions and many more in the HND eBook. Get it here.
      ✔ Conversion of HND to PGD.
      ✔ How to increase your chances of being offered admission at Canadian schools, even if you have a lower credit or pass.
      ✔ Steps to apply to Canadian schools.
      … and many more!

    1. Adesola,
      Well done on attaining a Distinction in Estate Management. If you complete and submit our Google Form here, we will be happy to send you our recommendation on school and course options.

  6. Hi Canadawiz, My name is Mawulorm, an HND holder in civil engineering with 2nd class upper from Ghana..can I gain admission to do the top up?? And if yes are there scholarship packages available for me? And is it possible to do the pgwp program as well?

    1. Titiati Mawulorm,
      With a 2nd class upper, you should be able to gain admission to do the top up in Canada. You should look at getting the HND eBook to help you fast-track the process, as it contains comprehensive step-by-step information on how to top up your degree at Canadian universities and colleges.
      You will find our scholarships in Canada for international students article helpful.
      As long as your studies are for a minimum of 1 year (typically 8 academic months), you will be entitled to a PGWP after graduation.

    2. David.T.Adegbesan

      Good afternoon sir/ ma,
      I, am David adegbesan from Nigeria holding higher national diploma in chemical engineering grade lower credit interested to further my academics in to obtain PGD/BSC in any colleges/universities that would absorb me with my specified qualification/field/grade to be a able to proceed in my academics career thereby, would enhance/grant the eligibility to apply for masters degree been fulfilled which is my prospect.
      Best regards.

  7. Hello Canadawiz!
    Am Ifeanyichukwu Orakwe a Higher National Diploma (HND) holder in computer science at lower credit level from Nigeria…. Please i want to know if I’m qualified in getting admission into PGD program in Canada also with the recommended schools for acceptance though I’ve been seeking for PR in Canada for job, but on the second taught i think boosting my academic level is another key point which always ave been my dreams to aquire.

  8. Yetunde khadijat lawal

    My name is yetunde khadijat lawal an HND holder in mass communication with distinction, I need a school in Alberta for my post graduate diploma (PGD) in mass communication.

    1. CanadaWiz Team

      Yetunde Khadijat Lawal,
      You should consider getting the HND eBook as it has a comprehensive list of schools in Canada that accept HND for Post Graduate Diploma (PGD), including the courses/programs that are available.

  9. I have HND in Estate management with Distinction in Nigerian, I am also a Registered valuer, can Canada alow me do Msc directly?

  10. Osasona Olanrewaju

    I am Osasona Olanrewaju, a HND holder in Building Technology and have a quiet number of years of work experience in the field, will i be offered to study and work in Canada 🍁?

  11. I am a HND holder in Electrical/Electronic with work experience. I need a school to do my post graduate diploma(PGD) or masters. Can I be offered admission to any school in canada

  12. My name is Ilori Abiodun i have HND/PGD IN Civil Engineering,do i need to apply for PgD in canada,or can i apply for master degree in canada?.


    I’m a student studying HND in architectural / building technology. How do I secure an admission to study in Canada?

  14. Salako Toluwalope

    I am salako Toluwalope from Nigeria . I have HND in Quantity surveying with upper credit . I want to top up to BSC or do PGD so I can apply for masters

  15. Durosoye Oluwafemi

    I am Durosoye Oluwafemi, I HND in statistics with C. G. P. A of 4.52,i want to do post graduate diploma in Canada, so I can apply for my master as well.

  16. Lateef Okanlawon

    Hi CanadaWiz Team
    I have an ND Upper Credit and HND Distinction in Accounting from Nigeria and I’m also an Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) with The Chartered Institute Of Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), please what is the best university I can apply to in Canada for my Masters or PGD and what ways can I go about my application.

      1. Christopher Yakubu

        I am a HND holder in ACCOUNTING with work experience. I need a school to do my post graduate diploma(PGD) or masters. Can I be offered admission to any school in canada

  17. Hi Canadawiz crew,
    I had completed my HND in Automobile engineering from India and I would like to top-up my diploma into a PGD or into a Top-up degree. Could you please help me to find the universities and colleges who provide PGD or Top-up degrees in Canada?

  18. Good day to you admin, please I have National Diploma with upper credit in Science Laboratory Technology and also completed my Higher National Diploma with upper credit in Physics with electronics. I am interested in applying for PGD/MASTERS in physics with electronics. Please, which institution in Canada can easily offer me admission with this same course?

  19. Hello
    I am supun Wimukthi
    I had completed higher national diploma in civil engineering and work experience. I want to complete my educational qualifications. Please help me.

  20. Hello Sir
    Am Sam from Nigeria an HND holder in science laboratory technology,please I want you to help me through HND topup in admission

  21. Good Day Sir/Ma,
    I am Lawr. From Nigeria,an HND holder in Electrical Engineering( 10 years from now) . I am interested in HND/BSC top degree programme. Please I may need some guidelines to follow; likely universities, related courses, academic requirements etc.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  22. I am Taiwo from Nigeria with HND lower credit in Banking and Finance. I want to do HND to Bsc. top up. Kindly recommend for me the university to achieve that in Canada. Thank you

  23. Hello,

    I am Cynthrus, i hold a HND Distinction in Biology/Microbiology. i want your recommendations on schools that offer top up and possible Masters in Canada.
    Your kind reply is appreciated.




    I am Francis Alisi from Nigeria with an HND degree in computer science, please i need a topup to Bsc. i want recommendation to a best science universities to study Database management.

    Your kind reply is appreciated.

    1. I have HND second class upper on electrical electronics engineering at accredited university in Ghana.
      can l get top up degree at canada

  25. Some Canadian universities don’t even accept HND’s for a top up degree.

    The funny thing is that my HND was a second class upper. They didn’t even tell me why it was rejected; they just said, “We are unable to offer you admission to Trent at this time,” and it wasn’t even the application deadline yet.

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  28. Good day Admin, khadeejah from Lagos. I have HND in biology/ Microbiology with GPA 3.20 out of 4.0 from a reputable institution here in Nigeria. Is there any Canadian University that accepts PGD in medical microbiology.

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