Final Grade Calculator - Free: Calculate My Grade in an Exam

Final Grade Calculator – Free!

Our final grade calculator also referred to as a “final exam calculator” or a “final mark calculator”, is a tool to help you calculate what grade (percentage) you need on your final exam to get your desired final score or grade in a course.

Final Grade Calculator

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Final Exam Grade Calculator

Use this final exam grade calculator as follows:

  • Current grade (in percentage): Drag the slider to your current weighted percentage for all you assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, or exams.
  • Weight of exam (in percentage): Drag the slider to the weight percentage of your final exam. That is, the percentage your final exam contributes towards your final grade.
  • Desired grade (in percentage): Drag the slider to what you desire as your overall final grade/score for the course.

Click the ‘Calculate’ button.

Based on the information you entered, the final grade calculator automatically calculates the grade (percentage) needed on an exam to get the desired final score/grade.

Why Use a Final Mark Calculator?

A final grade calculator is beneficial as it helps you automatically calculate your what you need to achieve on your final exam (i.e. exam score needed) to obtain your desired overall course grade.

If you have asked yourself any of the following questions, then this final grade calculator is for you!

  • How do I calculate my grade?
  • What final grade do I need on my exam?
  • How do I calculate the final mark I need on my final exam?
  • How do I automatically calculate my final exam grade?
  • What is the final exam grade needed to get a target class grade?
  • How do I calculate the grade needed on my final exam?

How Does the Final Grade Calculator Work?

Most class grades are made up of several categories: homework, classwork, tests/quizzes, and the final exam. Each category is typically worth a percentage of your overall course grade.

However, your final exam grade is not scored until the very end. Thus, it is not included when calculating your current overall grade. Instead, all the other categories are scaled up to consume the weight reserved for the final exam. Hence, you can automatically calculate the minimum grade (percentage) you need to score on the final exam using our final mark calculator.

Alternatively, you could do the calculation manually (with a calculator) using the following formula:

Required = (Goal − Current × (100% − Final Weight)) / Final Weight

I bet you’re here instead because the final exam calculator is fast, automatic, has less opportunity for error, and more.

Use Cases for the “Final Mark Calculator” or “Final Exam Grade Calculator”

Below are two examples of how to use the final grade calculator to determine your current course grade before the final exam. And then plug that information into the final grade calculator to automatically calculate your grade (percentage) needed on an exam to get your desired final grade/score.

Simple Example

  • Your “Current grade” is 75%.
  • Your final “weight of exam” is 70%.
  • Your overall required or “Desired grade” is 65%.
    Hit the “Calculate” button.

Automatically Calculated by the Final Grade Calculator: Final “Exam score needed” is 61%.

Manual Calculation:

Your final exam grade or ‘exam score needed’ is equal to your required or ‘desired grade’, minus 100% minus your final ‘weight of exam’ (w), times your ‘current grade’ (g), divided by your final ‘weight of exam’ (w):

Final exam grade or ‘exam score needed’ =

= (desired grade – (100% – w) × current grade ) / w
= ( 65% – (100% – 70%)×75% ) / 70% = 61% <= Final “Exam score needed” is 61%

As you can see in the preceding, using the Final Grade Calculator will save you the hassle of the manual calculation illustrated above.

Complex Example – Using the Scenario of a Student Taking a CPA Preparatory Course

How are Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA Canada) Preparatory Courses Graded?

CPA Canada preparatory (prep) courses are allocated as follows:

Core CoursesNon-Core Courses
Projects x218%N/A
Final Course Examination70%80%

Note: The CPA Preparatory Courses are being redesigned. So this scenario applies to CPA Prep courses that are not yet redesigned or not being redesigned including Introductory Financial Accounting, Introductory Management Accounting, Economics, Statistics, and Business law. Effective for the April 2021 CPA exams, the evaluation of courses will be changing to be based on 100% on the final exam.

A student is taking a CPA prep course, which has three (3) categories that make up their final grade.

The first category consists of six (6) quizzes worth 12% of the final mark, or 2% per quiz. The student received the marks 4/5, 4/5, 4/5, 4/5, 5/5, and 5/5 respectively on their six (6) quizzes.

The second category are two projects worth 9% each, which is worth 18% of the final mark. The student got 35/40 on their first project and 43/45 on the second project.

The last category is a final course examination worth 70% of the final mark.

The student wants to calculate what their current mark is before they take the final exam, so they can find out what score they will need to get on their final exam in order to get an overall average of 86.5% in the course.

Using this final grade calculator, the student can calculate their final exam desired mark easily and quickly.

FIRST, they will have to calculate the total percentage of their six (6) quizzes since they are all in the same category worth 12% of their final grade. This can be achieved using the following procedure:

A. Add the marks gotten for each quiz. Then add the possible marks for each quiz.

B. Divide the mark gotten for each quiz by the possible mark for each quiz. The answer will be a decimal:

4+4+4+4+5+5 divided by 5+5+5+5+5+5 = 26/30 = 0.8667

C. Multiply the decimal by 100 to calculate the percentage:

0.8667 x 100 = 86.67% <=This is the percentage the student got in their quizzes category.

SECONDLY, find the percentage for each of the two projects.

To find the percentage for their Project 1, the student has to divide 35 (which is the mark they got in their Project 1) by 40 (which is the maximum possible mark for the project). Then, multiply the answer (which is a decimal) by 100 to get the percentage.

35/40 = 0.8750 x 100 = 87.50% <=This is the percentage the student got in their Project 1.

To find the percentage for their Project 2, the student divides 43 (which is the mark they got in their Project 2) by 45 (which is the maximum possible mark for the project 2). Then, multiply the answer (which is a decimal) by 100 to get the percentage.

43/45 = 0.9556 x 100 = 95.56% <=This is the percentage the student got in their Project 2.

THIRD, calculate the weighted average percentage for each category:

Quizzes = 86.67%
Project 1 = 87.50%
Project 2 = 95.56%
Average Weighted Percentage = 86.67 + 87.50 + 95.56 divided by 3 = 89.91% (approximately 90%) <= This is what will be used as the ‘Current grade’ in the Final Grade Calculator.

By plugging in the percentages of the marks the student received from each category, the student has determined that they currently have 89.91% (rounded up to 90%) in the course.

To determine what the student needs to score on their final exam in order to achieve an overall course grade of 86.5%, the student used the final grade calculator to automatically calculate it, as follows:

  • Current grade: 90%
  • Weight of exam: 70% (This is the percentage as per the course requirement).
  • Desired grade: 86.5%
    Hit the “Calculate” button.

The ‘Exam score needed’ automatically calculated by the final grade calculator is 85%.

This means that the student needs to get 85/100 x 70 = 59.5 marks on their final exam, in order to get 86.5% in the CPA preparatory core course.

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Comment below, if you have any questions or feedback on the final exam grade calculator.



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