25+ Best White Elephant Gift Ideas, 2024

25+ Best White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas Everyone Will Want to Steal [2024]

best white elephant gift ideas

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The holiday season is fast approaching and you know what that means: time to get your hands on some of those amazing white elephant gifts! But with so many options, it can be hard to find something funny and original. That’s where we come in.
We’ve compiled a list of 25+ fantastic white elephant gift ideas that your friends, colleagues…, in short… everyone will fight for!

Although the pandemic has scuppered most festive and holiday plans since early last year, it doesn’t mean you should miss out on an exciting white elephant party. In keeping with the times, you might hold one online or gather for a socially distanced party. 

Now the issue comes in getting the ideal gift. In case you are wondering what to get, worry no more. We have you covered with these out-of-this-world white elephant gift ideas.

Hop on and choose from this expansive list of items we have picked for you.

The Best White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas

Since most white elephant gift exchanges will have diverse gifts, we have divided the gifts according to price. That will ensure you can get a gift for any amount of money you have. White elephant gifts don’t have to be that expensive after all.

If you don’t believe us, check the below table for a summary of our top picks:

Funniest GiftToilet Golf Potty Time Putter Game
Cheapest GiftColour and Frame By the Sea Adult Colouring Book
Most Thoughtful GiftPou-Porri Before You Go Toilet Spray
Most Expensive GiftVIVITEST Ceramic Oil Diffuser
Funniest Party GiftWorlds Okayest Boss Coffee Cup
Best Winter GiftAkihi Male Winter Gloves

White Elephant Gift Meaning?

A white elephant gift exchange, also known as Dirty Santa or Yankee swap is a holiday tradition where people get to buy and exchange amusing gifts. The goal of this type of event is for entertaining other guests with imaginative loot!

It usually starts with people bringing wrapped gifts of their choice and everyone opens one present at a time. Once all the presents are unwrapped, each person who received a nice gift gets another turn while those who got junk can do whatever they want with their turn – dump it on someone else, trade up, or try for a better pick next round.

White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $15

An under $15 gift might seem a tough ask for anyone, but there are fantastic gifts you can get for the right price. And they will be excellent at that as well.

1. Things To Do While You Poo: Activity Book

No products found.

This gift is borderline crazy and will fit in with the other hilarious white elephant gifts people will get. It has several activities one can do as they do their business in the loo. The activities include fun sudoku games, word finders, and dingbats. Besides that, it has some pretty funny fart jokes!

2. Male Winter Touchscreen and Outdoor Gloves

No products found.

It is winter, and what better way to help a friend handle it than by getting them these gloves. They will surely appreciate that they don’t have to take them off to use their mobile device since the gloves are touchscreen enabled.

3. Pou-Porri Before You Go Toilet Spray

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray, Original Citrus, 2 Fl Oz - Lemon, Bergamot and Lemongrass

This spray will reduce the need for a person to be washing their toilet after every few sessions continuously. That’s why it would make an excellent white elephant gift. The essential oils that give it a sweet fragrance and reasonably low price make

4. Bicycle Pizza Cutter Wheel

No products found.

If you know anyone that loves pizza, then this gift would be an excellent bet. The extra barbecue brush, an oil spoon, and the stainless steel material are a handy gift for any DIY baker.

White Elephant Gift Ideas under $5

Believe it or not, there are gifts you can get for as little as five dollars. They will also be hilariously funny and make for fun gifts, especially if you buy them for kids.

5. Colour and Frame – By the Sea (Adult Coloring Book)

Color & Frame - By the Sea (Adult Coloring Book)

This spiral-bound book is an excellent way to relax after a tough day. If you get it for any of your friends, they will smile each time they open it and remember you are the one that gave it to them.

It is full of whimsical images of various sea creatures, giving any adult a fun colouring experience. If you have a friend that’s just discovering their love for colouring, get them this colouring book.

6. Mop Shoe Covers

No products found.

mop shoe covers are an excellent gift for anyone that Hates to have to do the cleaning themselves. That’s what would make them the perfect white elephant gift. These are reusable since you can wash them and get them cleaned up again.

7. Things I Want to Say at Work but Can’t Coloring Book.

Things I Want to Say at Work But Can't.: Great Gift Idea With Funny Saying On Cover, Coworkers (110 Pages, Lined Blank 8.5x11) Employees, Clubs New ... (Hilarious Office Journals For Co-worker)

We all have those things we wish we would yell out at work but can’t. Now this book gives the chance to colour out some of those thoughts. It has witty and hilarious words that would bring a smile to many people’s faces.

White Elephant Gift Ideas $30

8. Worlds Okayest Boss Coffee Cup

No products found.

If you have a boss that rocks it, you can get them this funny coffee cup. If they have a great sense of humour, they should see the funny side of a coffee cup written on the world’s okayest boss.

It could help ease the tension in an office party provided the boss isn’t one of those angry bosses everyone loathes.

9. Hamilton-Beach 25500 Egg Cooker

Hamilton Beach Electric Hard Boiled Egg Cooker, 3-in-1: Boiled Egg Cooker, Poacher & Omelet Maker, Can Hold 7 Eggs, Black with Silver Knob (25500)

If you’re preparing for a white elephant festival, why not bring a gift that could make some eggs you’ll eat at the party. This three-egg cooker will delight anyone that gets it provided they don’t already own one.

10. Elephant Coffee Mug with Coaster

No products found.

Since it’s white elephant’s day, why not go all out for a gift that would immediately be what it was given for? This white coffee mug is adorable and is sure to make for a funny gift not many people would expect. The coaster tops up on the fun.

11. YINUODAY Mini Vacuum Cleaner

No products found.

Few people can genuinely say they enjoy having a cluttered and dirty work desk. That’s why this gift would be thoughtful and creative because it is portable and small enough to fit into a backpack or handbag. 

12. Automatic Stealing Coins

No products found.

If you use piggy banks, you might appreciate the need to shake up things a little. This automatic stealing coins piggy bank is the way to go. Buy it for your friends and see how their faces light up when they think of how cute it is.

13. Flybebe Karaoke Microphone

No products found.

White elephant gifts are some gifts that people don’t ask for but still get them regardless. What would fit such a gift as this excellent karaoke mic for office or home karaoke parties?

White Elephant Gift Ideas $40

14. Elephant Statue

No products found.

What’s more representative of a white elephant gift than a white elephant statue? This beautifully designed statue will be a good fit for anyone who has white as their favourite colour.

15. Toilet Golf Potty Time Putter Game

No products found.

This gift is a funny one. Most people are guilty of taking their phones with them to the toilet, especially when they think they’ll be there long. What if you could pass the time learning how to play golf with a mini-golf game and a mat?

That’s what this white elephant gift will allow a person to do. It’s incredibly thoughtful and funny as well! 

16. Trufflin Sriracha in Gift Box

TRUFFLIN Sriracha in Gift Box – Gourmet Black Truffle Hot Sauce with Aged Peppers, Real Truffles, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Garlic with No Sugar Added, Gluten Free, Paleo and Vegan Friendly (8.5oz)

This Gluten-free hot sauce and aged papers will make for an excellent white elephant gift. The set blends premium tastes to come up with an irresistible sauce that would be a fantastic gift.

Besides that, it doesn’t have any added sugars and uses extra virgin oil. 

17. Nostalgia Coca-Cola Pop-up Hot Dog Toaster

No products found.

This hot dog toaster will be sure to take most people down memory lane. It can pop up two delicious hot dogs at a go. It sure will surprise and excite your workmates or friend in equal measure.

White Elephant Gift Ideas $50

18. Hamosky Electric Heating Blanket

No products found.

What comes in handy more when it’s cold, a hoodie or a blanket? Maybe a hoodie, but what if you could get a heating blanket you can charge? Superb, isn’t it? This blanket will come in handy for many people who contend with the cold, especially in cars.

19. Hanafubuki Sun Flower Holder

No products found.

If you know a person who loves flowers, this gift will make them happy. It has a funny look but would still add to the style in anyone’s home. Get it for a friend that loves that dose of nature in the house.

20. Executive Decision Maker

No products found.

Decisions can be hard to make. But not with this decision-maker spinner. That’s precisely what makes it the ideal white elephant gift. It is super creative and will surely be a popular alternative for most of your workmates.

White Elephant Gift Ideas $75

21. Casper Sleep and Nap Pillow

No products found.

Are you the type of person who fights with your partner over pillows? If you are, then you need to get yourself this pillow. The Casper sleep pillow is a small, warm, and portable pillow that you can carry anywhere.

It would make for a convenient white elephant gift.

22. Hestia Table Top Fire Pit Bowl

No products found.

Here is another winter-themed white elephant gift. This modern design tabletop bowl will enable someone to keep warm and cut down on lighting costs. It runs on efficient bioethanol, which means you don’t have to.

23. Impressa Steel Pizza Stone for Oven

No products found.

you can go all out and surprise your friend with a steel pizza stone that will enable them quickly make some pizza for parties. Because it heats up much faster, expect to have pizza ready in no time whenever you visit the friend you exchanged gifts with.

White Elephant Gift Ideas $100

If you can spare a reasonable amount, you can get some awesome gifts for just under $ 100.

24. Cell Phone Sanitizer and Dual Universal Cell Phone Charger

No products found.

This gift would be a winner in many situations, considering that most people don’t have it. What an easy and convenient way it would be to charge your phone and rid it of pathogens simultaneously.

25. Tribit MaxSound Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker

No products found.

There’s nothing as enjoyable as being able to listen to your music whenever and wherever you want. That’s what this speaker will enable someone to enjoy. It could be all they need to enjoy camping trips.

26. VIVITEST Ceramic Oil Diffuser

No products found.

Instead of giving a scented candle yet again, why not opt for an oil diffuser? It is flame-free and safe to use with children around. The owner can also add in essential oils and spice up the smell in their home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

Are there any white elephant rules?

There must be rules for the white elephant games to prevent people from taking advantage of the option to steal gifts. That’s why it’s a common rule only to steal a particular gift only thrice.

What is the best white elephant gift?

The best white elephant gift can be anything you want. It, however, should be witty, helpful, or hilarious, or all of those things. You can thus choose anything from adult colouring books to hot-dog toasters.

What is a good white elephant gift for under $50?

There are so many excellent white elephant gifts you can get for $ 50 or less. From our list, however, we think the heating blanket would be a steal for the amount.

Do You Wrap White Elephant Gifts?

Yes, you wrap them. Each person attending the Christmas party must bring one wrapped present. The first person to accept the gift gets another to unwrap. Any previously opened, or new, unwrapped present is available for selection by the individual with the number “three.”

Can You Steal Your Own Gift in White Elephant?

Well, it is possible. Each participant in a White Elephant gift exchange brings an unwrapped, unmarked present and places it in a specific location. Continue until everyone has had a chance to open a gift. When an unopened present is opened, the turn is ended. Once during each turn, only then can a person can steal the gift.

Is White Elephant Good or Bad Gifts?

When purchasing a white elephant gift, the objective isn’t necessarily to give a useful item; rather, it’s to provide someone with pleasure through revulsion, amazement, or humor. 

Final Thoughts

The best white elephant gift ideas are the ones that take a little bit of work. It can be difficult to find one without going through all of your old stuff or spending a lot of money, there are some great tips for you! We recommend looking at the list above and picking what is most appealing to you before heading out on your hunt.

Have fun with this holiday tradition by giving something unique and creative! Remember that when in doubt, go homemade.

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