7 Best Low Cost Airlines Canada 2022: Fly Cheap on Budget

7 Best Low Cost Airlines Canada 2022: Fly Cheap on Budget

Flying is arguably the most convenient way to move around in Canada and globally. However, flying can be expensive.
Fortunately, there are low-cost airlines in Canada that will allow you to fly cheaply and save money.

If you are looking to fly at an ultra-low cost, this list of low-cost airlines in Canada is for you. Let’s dig in.

The Best Low Cost Airlines Canada List

1. Air Canada Rouge

Air Canada Rouge is the brainchild of Air Canada. That means you get to enjoy some pricing you would not find with Air Canada.

With Air Canada Rouge, you can travel to select parts of Canada, Mexico, Europe, Central, South America, and the United States. The prices are pretty budget-friendly compared to what you would have to pay when travelling with the parent company.

Their premium economy section replaces the business class and is better than your usual economy class on other planes. For instance, it has considerably more legroom (good for tall people) and wider seats than is typical of different airlines.

However, there is no entertainment, and you’re supposed to find ways of keeping yourself merry as you travel. Suppose you forget to carry an entertainment source; you can always rent an iPad for just $10.

If you aren’t travelling to far-flung European cities, you can buy food (pizza) and beverages. Although not to the class most people are used to, it beats out other low cost airlines in Canada because it offers more destinations.

2. Swoop Airlines


Like Air Canada Rouge, Swoop Airlines is an affordable subsidiary of the second-largest Canadian airline, WestJet Airlines. Swoop airlines air tickets will cost you an average of only $100 one way. It isn’t as comfortable as the parent company, which has a fleet of large Boeing 737 aircraft that assures you of a good time.

Swoop Airlines allows you to carry small items to the flight. However, if you have significant carry-on luggage, you will have to pay more for it, thanks to their à la carte pricing for luggage. There are different rates for carry-on items customers choose to bring on board.

The more comfortable the seat, the more money you’ll have to pay. If you choose the cheapest seat, you’ll have to contend with less legroom. Swoop Airlines is an ideal way to travel if you’re alone.

Where does Swoop fly? Swoop flies to destinations in Canada, the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.

3. Sunwing Airlines

Sunwing Airlines is another cheap flights airline to Canada, the United States, The Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America. Besides that, you can book a charter flight online thanks to their easy-to-use platform.

You can also call their reservations number to book and schedule a flight suited to your needs. Sunwing Airlines is one of those regional airlines that travels to more destinations in the sunny south than most leisure airlines.

That’s what makes it such an excellent low-cost carrier.

4. Flair Airlines


Another cheap way to fly to parts of Canada and some places in the US is to use Flair Airlines. Most of the tickets to those places will cost you under $100 one way. Sometimes you can even get deals that enable you to pay between $29 and $89 for a one-way ticket.

Flair Airlines is the best option if you’re flying without lots of luggage. It will add to your flight bill if you have lots of luggage, a pet, or a spouse you want to sit next to each other.

One of the most popular perks from Flair Airlines was the go pass perks they rolled out in 2020. Under that deal, a person could pay $700 for several trips over three months.

The deal was so popular that it sold out fast. The airline says it will develop similar plans along those lines.

5. Canada Jetlines

Another cheap way for air travel is Canada Jetlines which offers trips to sunny places in Canada, the Caribbeans, and the United States. Its services are considerably better since it teamed up with GlobalX in 2019.

It adds to the increasing list of airlines that will allow you to fly to some destinations on a tight budget. That adds the element of choice for Canadians looking for cost-cutting flights.

6. Porter Airlines

low cost airlines Canada

To wrap up our list is Porter Airlines, which averages $150 for a one-way ticket with several deals lower than that figure. The airline boasts convenient flight destinations in Canada, the United States, and the Americas.

The airline aims to go on an expansion drive to see it start serving way more than three percent of the Canadian customers it serves. It wants to add over 80 new airplanes to make it possible to avoid costly flights.

The complimentary service sets this airline apart from the rest on our list. Travellers can expect free inflight wine or beer, snacks as well as other refreshments. That might be what gives them the edge over the other airlines, no matter the low pricing.

New Low-Cost Airlines Canada

7. Lynx Air

Lynx Air is a late addition to the affordable Canadian airlines, having just announced its entry into the market in late 2021. It has a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft that landed in Canada early this year in anticipation of the rollout.

Time will tell how affordable the airline will be and whether it will conveniently disrupt the Canadian cheap flights market. One thing is for sure, though, Canadians won’t mind taking advantage of any offers Lynx Air will offer.

FAQs: Best Low Cost Airlines Canada 

Does Air Canada Have a Budget Airline?

Yes. Air Canada Rouge is Air Canada’s budget airline.

Are Low Cost Airlines Less Safe?

They might be less comfortable but are ultimately as safe as any other flight. Comfort doesn’t dictate safety for plane flights.

How Do I Get the Lowest Airfare?

To get the lowest fare, you need to have as little luggage as possible before choosing the cheapest option on our list. It also helps if you’re travelling alone.

Why Is Flair So Cheap?

Flair has many different offers that allow you to fly on a budget. That’s in addition to the fact Flair already has one of the most flexible prices among the low-cost airlines.

What Is the Best Low-Cost Airline?

Porter Airlines takes it for us. The free complimentary drinks and snacks and the owl fares make it desirable.

What Is the New Cheap Airline in Canada?

Lynx Air. On November 16, 2021, during a press conference at Calgary International Airport, Lynx Air (Lynx), Canada’s newest “ultra-affordable airline,” was unveiled. The new ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) aims to provide “cheap fares, flexibility, and choice.”

Which is better Flair or Swoop?

In the end, both have their advantages. It’s up to you to choose whether to pay more for WiFi and power outlets on Swoop or spend less money by bringing your own food and watching movies on board.

Are Low Cost Airlines Safe?

Yes, they are safe. Budget airlines care about maintaining flawless safety records rather than cutting corners in order to save money. America’s Southwest, the world’s oldest low cost airline, has never had a crash in its 40-year history, which is roughly 12 million flights.

Is Air Canada low-cost carrier?

Air Canada is not a low-cost carrier. On the other hand, Air Canada Rouge (a subsidiary of Air Canada) is a low cost airline.

Is WestJet a low-cost carrier?

WestJet was founded in 1996 as Western Canada’s low-cost airline, and the 2019 Skytrax Airline Awards acknowledged it as Canada’s low-cost airline. However, if you want to fly cheap on a budget, you should consider other ultra-low-cost carriers such as Flair Airlines and Swoop Airlines. 

Final Thoughts on Best Low Cost Airlines Canada

With the advancement of technology, flights will only get cheaper now and in the future. But for now, use this list of low cost airlines Canada we have compiled to find your cheap flights in Canada.

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