25 Best Valentines Day Gifts Ideas for Kids, 2024

25+ Amazing Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids [2024 Review]

Valentines Gifts for Kids

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Valentine’s is a special day to celebrate love and the special people in your life. Generally, society celebrates couples and lovers on Valentine’s Day. But it doesn’t only have to be a day to celebrate couples. You can choose to celebrate your kids by showering them with a lot of love through a heartfelt present. Of course, gifting is old-fashioned, but its effect is brand new, especially when it’s a gift that encourages their interest or hobbies. 

Regardless of your kid’s hobby or interest, we compiled a list of interesting valentines gifts for kids. We promise these gifts are not cheesy nor over-the-top. Instead, they are timely and relevant to your kids. So, get on the train, and let’s open you up to the diverse valentine’s gift options for your kids.

Our Top Pick: Valentines Gifts for Kids

The goal of Valentine is to express the love you have for your spouse, friend, and, in this case, your kids. But not all kids love the same things.

Hence, we divided the valentines day gifts ideas for kids based on interest and age to make it a relevant gift that they’ll cherish forever. When you give your kids any gift off our list, you’ll realize that it’s not difficult to melt their hearts.

Think we’re merely trying to sugarcoat you? Check out this quick summary table of our top picks of valentines gifts for kids

Best Artsy GiftLIUDAO Paint by Number Kits for Adults and Kids DIY Oil Painting on Canvas
Best Electronic GiftDeejay Piggy Bank Toy Electronic Mini ATM Savings Machine
Best Sporty GiftEagleStone Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop Set for Kids with Electronic Score
Most Fun Driven GiftRechargeable Laser Tag 360° Sensors + Innovative LCDs
Most Fashionable GiftFashion Angels Fashion Design Portfolio
Most Creative GiftPicassoTiles 100 Piece Set 100pcs Magnet Building Tiles Clear Magnetic 3D Building Blocks 

In-Depth Review: Valentines Day Gifts for Kids

Valentines Gifts Ideas for Kids Who Love Toys and Doll Sets

Every child loves toys. It’s always a good idea to shop for cool toys for your kids. Here are some cool toys your kids would love if they were fans of toys.

1. 32 Pack Mini Animal Plush Toy Party Favors

These plush toys are first on the list of valentines gifts for kids. Valentine is around the corner, and what better way to show your kid that you love them than with these little critters. They are 32 in number and are great companions. With their lanyards, your kid can go anywhere with them. Once they attach these animals to their school bag, etc., they’ll never walk alone, as these animals serve as reminders of your love for them.

Nasidear 32 Pack Mini Animal Plush Toy Party Favors,Small Plush Stuffed Animals for Birthday,Theme Party,Easter Basket Stuffers Fillers,Christmas,Classroom Prize,Kids Valentine Gift

2. Houwsbaby Musical Teddy Bear with Pearl Sings

This is a fun gift for your kid if they love toys and music altogether. It’s programmed to sing the “that’s what friends are for” that remind your kids that they aren’t only your babies, but they’ve got a friend in you. Texture-wise, the bear is soft and plush.

No products found.

3. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Moment: Transfiguration Class 76382 Professor McGonagall Room

If your kids enjoyed watching or reading every Harry porter book or film you’ve given to them, here’s one way to sustain their interest in the Harry Potter franchise. This Lego set is made of plastic and activates their ability to imagine as it takes them to Professor McGonagall’s classroom.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Moment: Transfiguration Class 76382 Professor McGonagall Room; Collectible Playset, New 2021 (241 Pieces)

4. PAW PATROL Chase 2-in-1 Transforming Movie City Cruiser Toy Car

This paw patrol toy car would leave a broad smile on the face of your son while he unleashes the power of his imagination. The car is not your ordinary toy car as it can expand in front with the push of a button. It also comes with light and sound effects that are realistic, like in the paw patrol movie.

No products found.

5. Rechargeable Laser Tag 360° Sensors + Innovative LCDs

Get ready to transform your kids into CIA agents. With this rechargeable laser gun, a safety vest, and friends they schedule playdates with, they can turn your backyard into a battle zone. It would create fun times and memories for your kids and their friends.

No products found.

Valentines Gift Ideas for Kids – Creative kids

If your kid enjoys art and crafts, painting, drawing, and exploring the art space, here are some gifts that’ll effortlessly tell them you love them this valentine’s season. 

1. Purple Ladybug Decorate Your Own Water Bottle for Girls Craft Kit

Next on the list of valentines gifts for kids is this lovely water bottle. This bottle comes with a plain, metallic body that acts as a canvas for your kid. You’ll find 300 glitter gem stickers that your kid can use to decorate the water bottle for pleasant, artistic aesthetics. It is made of BPA-free material, making it a safe and creative gift for your kids.

No products found.

2. Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Pink

Do you know what would be a delightful valentine’s day gift for an artistic kid? A light-up tracing pad. This pad comes with graphite papers for drawing and allows your kid to create fantastic illustrations with light. It also has a spray can that’s beautified with sound effects to create incredible designs.

No products found.

3. Play-Doh Sparkle and Bright Color Pack

This gift encourages your kid to engage and grow their creative skills. It comes with 14 cans filled with accessories and compounds to create art. Your kids can create their palette print out to help them create their next art masterpiece. It’s a great way to help your kids explore their creative side.

No products found.

4. LIUDAO Paint by Number Kits for Adults and Kids DIY Oil Painting on Canvas

Another gift you can get your kid for valentine’s day is this DIY oil painting on Canvas. It comes with a full kit of materials that your creative kid would need to paint this four-season tree drawing. There’s no right or wrong way to paint this drawing on canvas. They only need their imagination to add color to it.

LIUDAO Paint by Number Kits for Adults and Kids DIY Oil Painting on Canvas - Four Seasons Tree Landscape (16x20 Inch,Frameless)

5. PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set 100pcs Magnet Building Tiles Clear Magnetic 3D Building Blocks 

This building blocks creative set puts your kid’s creative thinking ability to the test. It comes with 100 pieces that your kids can piece together to create whatever they want. The best part is, the tiles are compatible with other brands.

No products found.

Valentines Gifts for Kids – Electronics

Based on your kid’s age, getting them an electronic device or gadget such as a camera or technologically enhanced notepad is one of the biggest ways to say “I love you” to them this valentine’s season. But you have to be sure that they’re interested in gadgets and electronics before investing your money into these gift options. 

1. VTech Kidi Secrets Notebook

This amazing secrets notebook is the first on the list of electronic valentines gifts for kids. This is perfect for kids who enjoy a lot of privacy and likes to write things down, no matter how little. Lucky for you and your kid, it comes with a marker to pen things down and a hidden compartment big enough for your kid to store any treasure they collect. An alternative to writing is the option to record voice entries. If you ever get worried about your kid, you can access the notebook with the Parental passcode override feature.

No products found.

2. Hotel Kids Camera

Your kid can have fun being a temporary photographer and videographer with this toy camera. It can record and capture moments dear to them via continuous picture or video shooting. It’s also paired with a rechargeable battery and 32GB storage space that doesn’t restrict your kid’s ability to create as many memories as they please.

Hoiidel Kids Camera, Birthday Christmas Holiday Kids Gifts for 3-12 Age Girls Boys Toys, 2 Inch 1080P Rechargeable Action Camera with 32GB SD Card,Reader Card (Pink(Carder Reader))

3. 8GB Kids Smart Watch for Boys Girls, AGPTEK Touch Screen Watch with Dual Camera

Think your kid loves fancy gadgets? Then, they’ll fall in love with this smartwatch from AGPTEK. It comes with cool features like a dual camera that grants your kid’s desire to take as many selfies and pictures as they want. It is a touchscreen smartwatch with a music player they can fill with their favorite songs.

No products found.

4. Deejay Piggy Bank Toy Electronic Mini ATM Savings Machine

Nurture the act of saving money and a security-conscious mentality in your kids with this ATM savings machine. It features a fingerprint and password security option. You can encourage your kids to secure their money in this machine with the password security feature to help them master the act of creating secure passwords and committing them to memory.

No products found.

Valentines Gifts for Kids Who Love Fashion

Kids who would one day be the next Giorgio Armani or Bryon Javar (world-renowned stylist) would start to exhibit their raw interest in fashion and the glam lifestyle from their tween and teen years. Do you sense your kid is heavily interested in fashion or makeup? Here are some gifts to express your love for your kid and encourage that subtle or intense interest. 

1. LQBNZQZ Robloxs Hoodies for Girls Boys Fashion Sport Sweatshirt Kid Long Sleeve Shirts

Every kid loves a good, high-quality hoody, especially with amazing graphic details like this unisex hoodie. It’s made of cotton and polyester, making it fashionable and functional. The best part about this hoodie is how easily it matches any outfit and occasion. Think of this hoodie as a hoodie for cool kids.

No products found.

2. Balnore 34 Pcs Kids Makeup Toys Real Girls Makeup Kit Washable Makeup Toy Set 

If your kid might have a thing for makeup, they just might become the next biggest makeup artist in their time. So, what better way to help them cultivate the skill than by getting them a kid’s makeup kit to help them practice and hone their skills from childhood? This kit is a great start as it comes with products like eye-shadow, nail polish, lip gloss, etc., all of which are non-toxic and safe for the skin.

Balnore 34 Pcs Kids Makeup Toys Girls Real Makeup Kit Washable Makeup Toy Set with Fashion Portable Makeup Box Including, Eye Shadows, Lipstick, Liquid Foundation, Nail Polish, Wig and Royal Crown

3. Fashion Angels Fashion Design Portfolio

This is a sketchpad that helps your kid create their fashion portfolio. It comes with all the accessories they need to create fabulous styles on paper, helping them keep their fashion ideas in the process.

No products found.

Valentines Day Gift for Kids Who Love Music

Music is therapeutic. So, it’s not strange to notice that your kid might be 100% interested in music. If they’re so much into music, you can get them any of these gifts for Valentine.

1. eKids Minnie Mouse Headphones for Kids with Built-in Volume Limiting Feature for Kid Friendly Safe Listening

This Minnie mouse over-ear headphone is a gift that your daughter would appreciate. They can easily connect to their inner Ariana Grande with this headphone by plugging it into their audio device. The volume is fair, and you can monitor it via the parental control mode for safe listening.

eKids Minnie Mouse Headphones for Kids, Wired Headphones for School, Home or Travel

2. CUTE STONE 5 in 1 Kids Piano Drum Set, Musical Instruments Toys

Confused about what to give your toddler? Here’s a mini-musical toy set that would keep them occupied while you try to get things done around the house. It comes with a drum set, electronic piano keyboard, xylophone with lights, etc. It’s constructed with safe and non-toxic plastic materials.

No products found.

3. VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine

Nurture your kid’s musical talent with this gift idea. It’s a karaoke microphone that’ll help your daughter stay current with contemporary music and transform into a mini-diva who performs concerts in her head, before her mirror, or before her friends during playdates and sleepovers.

No products found.

4. LEADSTAR Musical Mat, Keyboard Electronic Music Carpet

Here is another music-themed valentine’s day gift for kids. It is a musical piano mat that revolutionizes playtime for your kids. Your kids can play 5 modes on the mat and record all the musical notes they combined to create music.

No products found.

Valentines Gifts for Kids Who Love Sports

It’s a blessing to have a kid that’s health-conscious and sporty. You can encourage their sporty nature with any of the valentines gifts for kids below. 

1. BELEEV Scooters for Kids – Quick-Release Folding System

Surprising your sporty kid with a scooter on valentine’s day would sure light up their face with a smile. Luckily, this scooter’s got all the fantastic safety features to keep your kids safe when they ride it to school or within your backyard.

No products found.

2. Hover Soccer Ball Set Toys – Rechargeable Air Soccer 

Your Male child would thank you for this rechargeable, air soccer ball set when you give them on Valentine’s day. Watch them transform your backyard into a mini-stadium with this safe and durable colorful LED light soccer ball. It also comes with a mini-goal post, which they’ll need to create a soccer game of their own anytime they want to.

SENYANG Hover Soccer Ball Set Toys - Rechargeable Air Soccer with 2 Goals LED Lights and Soft Foam Bumpers Indoor Outdoor Sports Floating Soccer, Football Toy Gifts for Kids (Blue)

3. EagleStone Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop Set for Kids with Electronic Score

Basketball is a beautiful game, and this gift is a great way to either introduce your kid to the game or nurture their interest in it. Once you mount this mini-basketball hoop, it counts every score while releasing a hearty cheer.

No products found.

Frequently Asked Questions on Valentines Gifts for Kids

How can I surprise my kids for Valentine’s Day?

Surprising your kids requires creativity. If you can’t think up any creative way to surprise your kids on valentine’s day aside from the gift you’re set to give them, here are a few ideas. Write cute words on sticky notes and arrange them on their bathroom mirror in the form of a heart. You could also ambush their rooms with ballon or invite them for a scavenger hunt. 

What Do You Say to Your Daughter on Valentine’s Day?

Say nice things to your daughter. Remind her of how much you love her and how blessed you are to call her your daughter. You don’t need to overthink it. Just open up your heart and let the words flow. 

What Can a Father and Daughter Do Together?

If you’d love to do some activities with your daughter besides giving her a gift, here are some father-daughter bonding activities you can try out. They include overnight trips, playing her favorite game, dancing, visiting a restaurant, etc. 

What Should I Get a 13-Year-Old Girl for Valentine’s Day?

There are a couple of gifts you can get tween girls for valentine’s day. For starters, you can get them items like hot chocolate on a stick, bracelets, winter carnival boots, retro record player, lip balm, or mini makeup kit, especially if she likes the glitz and glam, etc. 

What Should I Get My Toddler on Valentine’s Day?

If your kid is still a toddler, there are a couple of gift ideas you can explore. For starters, you can get them a companion teddy bear, a toy they can always play with, etc. 

Final Thoughts on Valentines Gifts for Kids

No products found.

There are so many valentines gifts for kids out there. Remember to narrow down the diverse available options to the gift ideas that your kids would most appreciate. If you didn’t decide which gift to get your kid, our list would help you attain the clarity you need to buy an excellent gift for your kid.



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