25 Best Places to visit in London Ontario, Canada (2023)

Places to Visit in London, Ontario – Canada (2023)

So, it happens that you might think London, Ontario, might be a part of the London in the United Kingdom. What’s interesting is that they share a few other similarities.

Aside from sharing similar names, they both have their have Covent Garden and Thames River. However, the attractions in both places are different.

places to visit in london ontario

As you continue to read, you’ll find unique places to visit in London, Ontario. Best of all, there’s nothing like getting bored. This city is vibrant and bustling with so much culture, art and food to take you for a lifetime.

Ready to see what wonders you’ll find in London, Ontario, Canada? Let’s dive in.

25 Best Places to Visit in London, Ontario

There are so many things to see and do in London, Ontario, that you may decide to stay longer than you had planned. In this article, I’ll give you some recommendations for my favourite spots around the city.

1. Covent Garden Market

places to visit in london ontario covent garden market

My Impression

Here, everything is fresh. It is called the farmer’s market for a reason. The market started in 1845 and has become one of the best places in London, Ontario. Although sawdust has settled on the floor, you’ll find a blend of shoppers and farmers in the market. And guess what? You’ll find everything you need here. 

As a result of the mixture of personalities who use the market, it has slowly become an exchange point between the rural and urban in Canada. Again, only products that have been freshly collected from the farm are sold here. Hence, you don’t have to worry about investing in rotten fruit or products that have lost most of their juice during transportation. 

What’s mind-blowing is that there’s no such thing as a “better day” to visit the market. All the products in the market are fresh every single day. You would get everything in its fresh state- from organic foods to various kinds of fresh cheese. 

There’s a wide variety of products to be shopped here- including products that were harvested from the very soil of Southwestern Ontario. The real perk in this market is that you’ll also get to meet actual farmers who do all the hard work to plant, water and harvest these products.

When to VisitAll year round
What to doShop freshly produced products. 
Address/LocationCovent Garden Market Bldg, 130 King St, London, ON N6A 1C5, Canada

2. Springbank Park

My Impression

Here’s some juicy news for car owners looking to drive to Springbank Park for a nice time. You can park for free at the park. A fun fact about this park is its size. It’s the largest in the whole of London, Ontario. Since its inception, Springbank Park has become one of the family-friendly parks. 

There are so many attractions at the park to keep you and your kids occupied. If you’ve got kids, you can take them to the Storybook Gardens. Here, your kids can engage in tons of fun activities to keep them occupied. 

For instance, they can get on the swing, have fun on the climbing equipment, try the mini railway, jump in the splash pad, or even take the carousel for a spin. While your kids have fun at the Storybook Gardens, you can revel in the peaceful and beautiful nature all around the park. 

It’s a great place to meditate, too- especially when the park isn’t flooded. You can choose to watch the park’s animal collection. Marvel at the sight of their various birds, the wildlife animals- groundhogs, ducks, etc. 

They have beautiful walking trails and picnic areas. They also have a conservatory. You should catch the free music events at the Pavilion from noon (2 pm) till evening (4 pm)

When to VisitAll-year-round
What to doHike, Nature Walk, Kid’s playground, Picnic, Ice-hockey, Ski, Bike, etc.
Address/Location1085 Commissioners Rd W, London, ON N6K 4Y6, Canada

3. Fanshawe Pioneer Village

My Impression

If you had the opportunity to go back in time to experience the past, would you take it? In movies, they might be a severe consequence for this action as it might require you to travel back in time through a time portal. However, this is in Canada, and you won’t need to travel back in time to experience the future. 

Instead, you just need to travel to the Fanshawe Pioneer Village to witness life as it was in the 19th century. Through the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program and FedDev Ontario’s Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund (CIIF), this village has been able to receive funding for the preservation of history in the village. 

The funding is used to renovate the houses to strengthen the years-old structures that were put in place by the ancestors who lived there. You’ll run into volunteers who dress and live like they were really in the 19th century. As a result, when you step into the village, you’d see- in real-time, what the condition of living was for your ancestors- if you’re Canadian. 

You’d watch historical reenactments in real-time, too, as opposed to seeing it in a still museum. There are 25,000+ artifacts here in the village. Of course, these artifacts include vehicles, clothes, the furniture used in the 19th and 20th centuries, and the buildings like they were during those historic times. 

When to VisitFrom the long Weekend of Victoria day to Canadian Thanksgiving.
What to doExperience history- dance, check out the blacksmith, engage in 19th and 20th-century games, feed the chickens, Card and spin wool for yarn, etc. 
Address/Location1424 Clarke Rd, London, ON N5X 4A1, Canada.
Entrance: Fanshawe Conservation Area Front Gate, Spriet Family Visitor Centre.

4. Victoria Park

My Impression

Queen Victoria Park has bagged the title of being one of the most attractive locations in the city of Kitchener. It sits on a lake and has been in existence since1896. However, it was merely a public space for people who lived in the city. 

Do you see the clock tower in Victoria Park? It wasn’t always there. It used to be in the town’s City hall but was moved into the park in 1975 when the City Hall got destroyed. Aside from the Clock Tower, there are other attractions in the park. 

For instance, it has an interesting Flower garden that you can stroll in. There are also delightful outdoor artworks to tickle your fancy. You can join any of the community festivals hosted by the park. 

Some of the popular festivals are the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Festival, where you’ll come to appreciate the diverse culture of the southern part of Ontario and the Kitchener Blues Festival.  

They also hold a special Kidspark festival for kids. So, they can have fun in their respect too. With the park’s playground, your kids are bound to get drowned in so much fun and excitement.

Newsflash; the Park has a Splash pad which is great for when you visit with the kids in summer. When you get hungry, you can stop by some of the restaurants nearby to grab a snack with your kids.

When to VisitAll year round but Summer is the busiest.
What to doSightseeing, Picnic, Festivals, Tour the flower garden, Catch the local soccer game, etc. 
Address/Location580 Clarence St, London, ON N6A 3N1, Canada

5. Eldon House

My Impression

The Eldon House takes you to another time. In recent times, the house has become a museum. However, it was first the house of Captain John and Amelia Harris. Now, it has been preserved from the time it was built in 1834. The property is in London, Ontario and became the city’s property in 1960. 

Inside the house, you’ll find the history of about four generations of Harris. Everything is still the way it has been since it was built. All the furniture that was in the house has teleported through time into the 21st century. The garden and greenery of the house are also intact. They are some of the best in the city. 

There are other events all year round. I have to admit that touring through the Eldon house does a lot in helping you imagine what life was in history. Part of why the house is a beautiful sight is because of the family’s habit of collecting things. 

For instance, I learnt that the faux-leather wallpaper in the front hall is from 1897 Japan. The family bought it in the country during their world tour. There’s also the Umbrella from Africa that George Henry Ronalds Harris acquired when he was in Africa, etc.

When to VisitSpring and Winter 
What to doVisit the gift shop, attend events and festivals, tour the house, etc. 
Address/Location481 Ridout Street North, London, ON N6A 2P6, Canada

6. Thames River

My Impression

On August 14th, 2000, the Thames River formally became a Canadian heritage river. There’s so much history tied to this river. For instance, it was occupied by the Aboriginal people of Canada for many years- precisely 11,000 years. 

It also witnessed the exploration and settlement of the Europeans. You see, there’s no way you’ll explore the Thames River and resist learning the histories and stories that it holds. Well, I learnt quite a handful. So, let’s journey down the history surrounding this river. 

Away from its history, the Thames River has a higher purpose when it comes to recreational activities. For instance, if you enjoy fishing, sailing or kayaking, this is the place for you. Hikers would also find the hiking trails in the Thames Valley interesting. 

When to VisitSpring till Fall
What to doHike, Kayaking, Fly fishing, etc. 
Address/LocationSouthwestern Ontario, Canada

7. East Park

My Impression

East Park is an island of thrills, fun and excitement for everyone. Trust me; no one is too young or old for the park. It sits at the center of an executive golf course with 18 holes. There’s also an attractive 7-slide waterpark. But that’s not all as you’ll find that the park has so many areas. 

There’s a section for a picnic, an indoor area for arcade games and more. You can choose to stay indoors or play outdoors- it depends on you. If you’ve never tried rock climbing before but would love to try a mini-version of it, you can enjoy indoor rock climbing here. 

The only thing you’ll pay for is the activities you want to enjoy at the park. In fact, entry into the park is also free. But these games are just the tip of the iceberg. For golf lovers, you can partake in the park’s Golf tournament. The tournament is one of the many programs anchored by the park. 

The park isn’t only open to families, kids and individuals- People who want to visit the park as a group, community, school, etc. are welcome at the park too. Tired of spending your summer the same way? East Park offers their audience four summer camp options. 

When to VisitSummer into the middle of Fall (October); Middle of Winter (January into February. 
What to doJungle gym, Footgolf, Go-karts, Batting cages, Mini-golf, Bumper Cars, Arcade games, Indoor rock climbing, etc. 
Address/Location1275 Hamilton Rd, London, ON N5W 1B1, Canada

8. Cathedral Basilica London

places to visit in london ontario cathedral basilica london

My Impression

At the core of Old downtown London, Ontario, lies this fantastic cathedral. I love the fact that it’s open to anyone- regardless of your background. The Cathedral of Basilica London is one of the three catholic communities of the London North Central Catholic Family of Parishes. 

Specifically, this cathedral turns out to be the Diocese of London’s mother church. Structure-wise, it looks like a castle, and it’s breathtaking. The surrounding is made up of nature, giving the entire place a peaceful atmosphere. 

I joined the service about three times when I was in London, Ontario, and it was lovely. The cathedral sits in Downtown London. Precisely, you’ll locate it at Dufferin Avenue and Richmond Street. If you don’t want to join the service at the cathedral, that’s fine. The cathedral is open for tours.

When to VisitAll-year-long.
What to doSightseeing run, Take pictures. 
Address/Location196 Dufferin Ave, London, ON N6A 1K8, Canada

9. Budweiser Gardens

places to visit in london ontario budweiser garden

My Impression

Budweiser Gardens is one of the iconic locations in downtown London that’s a must-visit. When it started in October 2002, I’m sure the goal was to create a safe space for different people to gather and enjoy the sports that they love. 

Of course, Sports aren’t the only thing you get to enjoy here. There are dozens of entertainment too, like concerts, for instance. This location accommodates a sitting capacity of 9,090. That’s the maximum it takes for ice events and hockey. 

When it comes to concerts and other events, the garden accommodates 10,000+. You’ll have to buy a ticket to gain entrance to the garden for any experience. Now, you can either pay for a regular seat or the premium club seats that can only take 1,000. Aside from the 1,000 premium club seats, there are also Group Sales Suites (5) and many as well as private luxury suites (38). 

When to VisitAll year round
What to doConcerts, Sports, etc.
Address/Location99 Dundas St, London, ON N6A 6K1, Canada

10. Gibbons Park

My Impression

Located in Central North London, Ontario, is the Gibbons Park. It’s not your regular park as it is very rooted. There’s so much greenery in this park. First, there are green spaces in the park. There are also old trees that look outstanding here. 

Let’s not forget that the park itself stretches over the Northern part of the Thames River. There’s a nice path for cyclers by this stop that runs into the Thames River itself. In the green spaces, you can go for a stroll to admire nature. 

You can also choose to jog or take your dog for a walk. Don’t worry. The trails and the bushes are safe for you and your dog. The administration ensured that the park is also Dog-friendly. It’s a great spot to just get lost in some of the wonders of nature. 

When to VisitAll seasons- choose which is best for you. 
What to doDog walking, Walking tours, Jogging, Biking, Tennis play, kid’s playground.
Address/Location2A Grosvenor St, London, ON N6A 1Y4, Canada

11. London Children’s Museum

My Impression

As you raise your kids, you’d never want them to lose their wonder. One way to preserve their wonder is to take them to the London Children’s Museum. The way this museum is structured spurs curiosity in kids. The environment is immersive, creating room for fantastic play experiences. The museum deploys authentic materials that are children-friendly. 

That way, there won’t be issues with allergies. They would also be able to strike up meaningful relationships with the other kids they meet at the museum. The goal of this museum is to enrich kids with amazing ways to view the world. That’s why the museum approaches learning differently.

So, rest assured that your kids will learn in very effective ways. The museum is filled with exhibitions that walk the kids down history lane, teaching them about their heritage. But that’s not all. The museum plans to also help your kids enjoy better social growth. 

When to VisitAll-year-round
What to doSecret Agent Science, Play dates, Littles Lab, Family Fun Night, Print Making, etc. 
Address/Location21 Wharncliffe Rd S, London, ON N6J 4G5

12. Royal Canadian Regiment Museum

My Impression

Physically created in the year1983, the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum was built to chronicle the Royal Canadian Regiment’s exploits. All the artifacts you’ll come across in the museum all tell a story about the activities of the regiments. 

The period chronicled runs from their work in Yukon Gold Rush to all their activities in Afghanistan. As a result, the museum presents a fun way to learn about the regiment’s history than with textbooks alone. You’ll find carefully arranged military artifacts to back up the truth of the regiment’s experiences and activities. 

When to VisitAll year round
What to doLearn from the exhibition.
Address/Location701 Oxford Street East, 750 Elizabeth St, London, ON N5Y 4T7, Canada

13. Banting House National Historic Site

My Impression

Here’s something that medical nerds or people in the medical line might be excited about seeing. As you know that insulin is a lifesaver for diabetic people. Thankfully, we know where and who birthed it. The Banting house national historic site was where Sir Frederick Grant Banting created the magical insulin. 

You can already tell that the site was named after the doctor that changed the life of diabetic patients all around the world. This site exists to teach people about the life and career of the name behind Insulin- Sir Frederick Grant Banting.  

When to VisitAll year round
What to doLearn and tour the building with a tour guide.
Address/Location442 Adelaide St N, London, ON N6B 3H8, Canada

14. Sunfest

My Impression

If you’re a genuine lover of food, art, music, and culture, permit me to introduce you to one of the best places to visit in London. Sunfest is the place to be. Don’t be tricked by the name of the festival- it does not celebrate the sun. 

This festival is one of the amazing events that holds at Victoria Park, and it’s always graced by national and international artists around the world. You’ll have fun at the concert and explore the food, culture, etc., at the scene. Newsflash; this is the second-largest world music event in the whole of Canada. 

When it happensSome days within the Summer months
What to doShop, explore the food, enjoy the music, concert, etc.
Address/Location580 Clarence St, London, ON N6A 3G1, Canada

15. The Grand Theatre

My Impression

Lovers of theatre would find the Grand theatre fascinating. It’s the best place to catch a stage play. There are two stages at the Grand theatre- the Spriet Stage and the McManus Stage. Both have different seating capacities. Every year, specifically from September till May, they run shows at the theatre. The plays are mostly homegrown. 

But there are also high school projects that are shown on the stage. If you’re not interested in the plays, you can take backstage tours. Here, you learn about an invisible being known as the theatre’s resident ghost- Ambrose small. 

One thing I love about the theatre is its inclusivity. There are hearing aids for people who need them. That way, they can enjoy their experience at the theatre too. 

When to VisitFall, Winter and Spring. 
What to doWatch a stage play, do a backstage tour, etc. 
Address/Location471 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3E4, Canada

16. Westminster Ponds

My Impression

This is the perfect place for anyone looking to escape from the world. The place is quiet and serene- the perfect recipe for solitude and deep meditation. The best part is that you casually walk about the ponds and engage in other activities. 

Everything is so right with these ponds- especially the nature surrounding them. It’s in an excellent state, which promotes sustainability and a healthy, green environment. There are tons of things to do here aside from just soaking in the quietness. 

When to VisitMid-Spring, Summer till Mid-Fall
What to doHiking, admiring nature, etc. 
Address/Location696 Wellington Rd, London, ON N6C 4R2, Canada

17. Komoka Provincial Park

My Impression

This is another park that allows you to connect with nature and your inner genius. The park is nature turned into a beauty. There’s so much greenery around that you might think you’re in a properly pruned forest. Aside from the forest, there’s enough room for recreational activities. 

They have hiking trails that hikers can take on to enjoy the activity. There’s also room for swimmers to swim. What I looked forward to trying out at the park was horseback riding. When I tried it, it was everything I thought it would be. 

When to VisitAll-year-round
What to doHorseback riding, hiking, biking, etc. 
Address/Location503 Gideon Dr, London, ON N6K 4N8, Canada

18. Kains Woods

My Impression

Kains wood is the woods! It’s covered in so much nature. With so many trees lined up, you can walk or run among the trees. Thanks to the trees gathered here, you’ll have fun bird-watching. In fact, the various bird sounds alone are enough proof that you’re in a forest. 

Aside from bird-watching, hikers can hike through the woods. Thankfully, there are hiking trails that safely show you the path to walk on. The hiking trails here have been referred to best trails in London, Ontario, Canada.

When to VisitAll-year-round.
What to doHiking, Birdwatching, Fishing, Sightseeing etc. 
Address/Location1511 Shore Rd, London, Ontario, Canada

19. Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

My Impression

Doctors are one of the people at the frontline, giving us the hope and health to live again. So, this Canadian Medical Hall of Fame is necessary. 

Just like its name, the place honours all the medical heroes in Canada. It’s also a great way to inspire Canadians to get into the medical line and become lifesavers too.

When to VisitOpen every day of the week. 
What to doLearn, Travel down Canada’s medical history, etc. 
Address/Location100 Kellogg Ln, London, ON N5W 2T5, Canada

20. Play Away Indoor Park

My Impression

Having vibrant kids with so much energy can get exhausting pretty fast. You might find it difficult to tame them or keep an eye on them. 

A great way to help them expel so much energy is to take them to the play-away indoor park. It is extremely clean, with only healthy food for your kids. There’s free Wifi too. 

When to VisitPerfect during Fall. 
What to doPlayground for kids’ play, day camping, birthday party packages, etc. 
Address/Location2469 Aviation Ln, London, ON N5V 3Z9, Canada

21. Sifton Bog

My Impression

You should see a wetland before you die or get too old to travel. One of the good ones in Canada is the Sifton Bog. You’ll be delighted to see different rare species that you never knew existed- especially when it comes to plants. 

There are about 56 unique plant species here. There are also many Deers roaming around. The good thing about this acidic bog is that it is in the middle of the woods. There are beautiful trails and even more beautiful plants, trees, etc. 

When to VisitAll year round
What to doHiking, Explore.
Address/Location1210 Oxford St W, London, ON N6H 4N2, Canada

22. Boler Mountain

My Impression

This is one of the best mountains for a unique and dynamic experience. As long as you are not scared of the outdoors, you’ll have so much fun here. There’s so much to do at this location beyond merely hiking. 

When you come to the mountains in winter, there are designated events and safety measures to protect you. You can try anything from skiing to snowboarding. During the green seasons, there’s mountain biking, beach volleyball, yoga, boot camps, etc. 

When to VisitAll seasons.
What to doMountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, Beach volleyball, etc. 
Address/Location689 Griffith St, London, ON N6K 2S5, Canada

23. Delaware Speedway

My Impression

For a small price, you can partake in the car racing games hosted here. The Delaware Speedway is designed as a paved race track that’s half-mile for anyone interested in having fun the adrenaline-rush way- specifically through stock car racing. 

The tracks have been in existence for a long and are considered Canada’s oldest. If you can’t race, you can watch and jeer- that’s exciting too. 

When to VisitSummer
What to doStock car racing.
Address/Location1640 Gideon Dr, Delaware, ON N0L 1E0, Canada

24. Lake Whittaker Conservation 

My Impression

This conservation center is one of the perfect places for a great summer experience. There’s so much in place to guarantee you the best of activities for summer. You can go swimming in the beach areas or decide to camp with friends here. 

There’s a disc golf course for golfers to engage in this hobby. Family and friends can also visit the conservation for a relaxing picnic. The conservation also carved out beautiful trails for hikers. You can casually take a walk around the area to soak in the scenic beauty of the place. 

When to VisitLate Spring (May 1ST) to Early Fall (September 30th)
What to doCamping, Swimming, Kayaking, Golfing, Fishing, Hiking, etc. 
Address/Location5840 Whittaker Ln, Belmont, ON N0L 1B0, Canada

25. Labatt Brewery

My Impression

Tell me, what’s Canada without a brewery in sight? Like in other parts of Canada, London, Ontario, has a brewery of its own to attract lovers of beer to its abode. If you’re familiar with Canada and its trend, you’ll already know Labatt brewery Canada’s largest. 

The best part is that they set their headquarters here in London, Ontario. So, if you’re a fan of beer, say hello to your new haven. Tours in this brewery usually last 2 hours. Trust me; I’ll be worth every minute of your time. The reason? You’ll get to sample the beer. 

When to VisitOpen 5 days a week.
What to doTour the brewery.
Address/Location150 Simcoe St, London, ON N6A 4M3, Canada

How to Get to London, Ontario

So, you’ve heard all the fabulous things about London, Ontario and can’t wait to explore the wonders of the city. But wondering how to get here? Lucky for you, there are four ways to get to London, Ontario. 

Don’t worry; none of these methods include trekking to the place 😉 – unless you live close by. But then, you won’t need a guide or direction to get there.


Take a flight to London International Airport (YXU). This is the easiest way to get to the city if you are coming from out of town. See: Low-Cost Airlines, Canada.

The average flight time from Toronto to London, Ontario, is 42 minutes.

If you will be staying in the downtown core, a taxi from the airport to downtown London is about a 20 minutes drive. 


If you’re coming by train, it’ll be best to either come from Toronto, Ontario or Detroit (USA) / Windsor (Canada).

If you’re coming from Toronto, you can catch any of the daily return trips that run between London and Toronto. The average travel time is 2 hours 34 minutes. So, grab a book to read if you can. This route is operated by GO Transit and VIA Rail. See: The Toronto – London Train Route.

From Detroit (USA), you’ll need to catch the train on the Canadian side of the border at Windsor, Ontario (298 Walker Rd., Windsor, Ontario, N8Y 2M9, Canada). The train station is located at Riverside Drive, behind Hiram Walkers Distillery. The train is operated by VIA Rail and the travel time is approximately 1 hour 55 minutes.

If you don’t know, Detroit (USA) and Windsor (Canada) are border cities.


If your option is to take the bus, you can get an airport bus service – specifically the Robert Q Airbus. But this only works if you’re coming from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, Toronto or Detroit Metro Airport.

The benefit of using the bus is that it is less expensive. It helps you save money on your trip. That probably should mean you’ll get more to spend in the beautiful city of London, Ontario.

The average bus trip duration from Detroit to London and from Toronto to London is 2 hours 25 minutes.


Now, be prepared to spend about 2 hours and 15 minutes if you’re going to drive to London from Toronto. The travel time is similar when you’re driving from Detroit too.

FAQs on Places to visit in London, Ontario

Bottom Line on Places to visit in London, Ontario 

Now that you know the best places to visit in London, Ontario, feel free to explore these places. The real thrill is in learning about these places and taking out time out of your busy schedule to experience them. One thing you should do is keep an open mind as you encounter these places. 

If you’re a tourist by heart, ensure to keep your wonder. The reason is that you can start to think that the activities here are similar to the other activities in different parts of Canada. While this might be true, it’s your wonder that keeps these experiences fresh.

Also, approach each of these destinations with a new perspective. That’s the key to truly having fun and loosening up. Have fun exploring this city. Enjoy!

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